When you want to give up on blogging


When you want to give up on blogging  – Every blogger at some time point in time loses faith and lets years of hard work spiral into an effortless haze. There are various reasons as to why a onetime healthy blog/website comes to a dreadful end but why you should not give up on blogging .

Traffic dries up

The prime reason for premature blog closure is dearth of traffic. Traffic loss can occur over a period of time, and the ironic part about this is that falling traffic numbers are directly related to webmasters not taking an active daily interest in updating the blog. The biggest demotivating factor for any blogger is loss of traffic via search engines. In 2012 it has become increasingly difficult to optimize your blog for a steady flow of organic traffic from Google, due to the constant algorithm changes every few weeks.

SOLUTION- Shift your focus to Social sharing and try to keep the stream alive by getting traffic from the biggest social media and web 2.0 blogs. There is an active, interested population of users of all segments and interests that you can cultivate towards your blog. These are the groups of people that are responsible for sending media viral. Other alternative sources of traffic include email marketing, distribution of apps and offline promotion.

Earnings fall

As Earnings are directly linked to organic traffic, not having enough of it from the start or a decrease of it can result in earnings plummeting, which can be disastrous.In some cases, one of my blogs was hurt in a different way- traffic did not decrease but CPC did and pulled down the monthly cheque to a minimum. After trying to find the problem and identify the algorithm that caused that mishap, I learnt some advertisers simply pulled out from my website as Google had indirectly flagged it. This was enough to push things beyond repair .

SOLUTION- Seeking other ways of monetization like paid ads and affiliate sales that do not rely on organic traffic should be explored. Alternative pay per click campagns can be launched that may give a lower CPC, but atleast it won’t dry up income totally.


Interest dweens

When you start out on choosing your blog niche, some folks chose one that has higher earning potential while others chose something of a hobby. This usually goes a long way, as a niche that suits your personality  will be long lasting because of genuine interest. In the adverse time of an earnings drop, is the best time to test your passion by staying committed and keep the posts going.

SOLUTION- Start writing on topics that you love and that needs very little research. All the knowledge for these posts should be in your head and you should be an expert on it. With this two things happen- the flow of words is much quicker and a post can be written in as much as 30 minutes.

Juggling your day job

I know more than a few blogger friends of mine that gave up on their blogs simply because it got in the way of their bread earning jobs. For most people, blogging starts out as a way to make some side money, and it usually ends that way, unless the blog reaches epic proportions and the blogger gives up his/her day jobs to concentrate full time on the blog. In some cases, if the blogger gets more responsibilities at his main/day job, longer hours and a raised paycheck, he/she feles it simply isn’t worth earning a few hundred with so much hard work compared to a good salary at work.

SOLUTION- Since your day job takes up all your time, and your’e left with virtually only a few hours on your holiday- which you do not want to waste blogging, its time you started accepting  guest posts from good writers.As far as writing your own posts, you can keep that to a bare minimum of once in 5 days. Frame the entire article in your mind and then put it in words on the fifth day. By that time, its good to get at least a 700 word post out that you have conceived in your mind.

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