IS an engineering degree worth it?


IS an engineering degree worth it? – Without stirring up a controversy here,in my personal opinion,id say that the engineering degree is an absolute test  of  your intellect and a sordid waste of your time.If you took that miserable piece of paper and went out for a  job, chances are youll end up at the visiting the  dusty/sulphur ridden back entrance of a factory 40 kms from your house for the rest of your sorry lives or if youre  lucky you might just get the plum facility postion, in the basement of a tech company, attending to tasks involving broken commode seats, pigeons on the 11th floor hallway or a taxing crack in the air conditioning duct..

Its not fun, its not living,and you  sure a s hell didn’t stay awake all those millions  of nights In the primes of your lives, trying to figure out why successive differential of the nth order variable wasn’t a factorial of 2,while the rest of the world toasted champagne and  caviar.

For starters the 4 years course itself is a joke,and god knows for what reason they have different branches, because 90% of the subjects are the same for all,most just named differently, and they’d think we were dumb enough to not notice that?Its only during the final year that we actually study something pertaining to our respective branches. This everyone knows, and that’s what makes them realize by the time they reach the final year that this engineering degree is not going to get them anywhere, which is why most supplement that degree with a management one too.Thats because they think too that it wont hold good just by itself,but most others are so “tested” by the time they finish B.E, that they vow they’ll never study again, so for them few they settle for just that

Depends what your preference is,I would say in todays age,there are so many Bsc degrees to choose from,the privilege most of us didn’t have,-Bsc (I.T) for one,- Bsc(computer sci) etc, which are as interesting,and 10 times easier,so everyone should definitely explore those options before opting for something more rigorous,because in the end,the only good your engineering degree will get you is some admiration from your friends.

Take some time off and ponder,decide for yourself what your  engineering degree worth it.


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