In case of air import,this is one of the most important charges you need to take care of,that is the customs duty rates india as it will add up to your main product cost. Your duty bill will have the following components on it:

ASSESSIBLE VALUE-This is the value the custom officer will assign to your goods.suppose if you imported from a factory in china and they gave an invoice that says $100,but the custom officer feels the goods are worth $500,he will asssign an assessible calue fo $500 to it, now ALL YOUR DUTY CHARGES WILL BE CALCULATED ON AV i.e $500 and not $100.Most seasoned importers “undervalue” thier goods,to avoid paying high duty charges,but this is illegal and very risky.

1.BASIC DUTY-this is the duty that is taken from the customs duty handbok that cna be found on the central excise and customs website.Each type of product (electronics, clothing,food products,musical einstruments etc. etc.) are all listed in the handbook with a unique “HS CODE”.Refer to the handbook to chek what basic duty your item attracts.For most items it is about 10% ,some 7.5%,and the good news is that most computer and electronic goods are DUTY FREE!!! which means basic duty is not charged,but other charges like CVD and cess etc will be on.

2.COUNTERVAILING DUTY(CVD)-this is an excise duty that is levied on the product if that product is also manufactured locally in our own country.For example if you import tyres from malyasia,it is already manufactured here,so to protect the local manufactureres interests,the CVDis applied.It is approximately 10%

3.CESS-roughly about 3%

4.EDU CESS-education cess,again about 3%

5. SAD-Special additional duty,about 4%

6.OCTROI-depending on what address you have entered in your IEC code,if that address is inside city limits you will have to shell out about 6.5 % india octroi rate of 6.5%.

7.AGENCY CHARGES-Depending no your clearing agent,he will charge you a small amount,maybe rs.500-5000 as stated above or if the consginment is bigger then charges will increase.Lets keep it at 10% .


Say if you import an item worth Rs.2000 .Now your assesible value is 2000

BCD (7.5%) CVD(10%) CESS(3%) EDU CESS(3%) SAD(4%) TOTAL
150 215 6 11 95 477

octroi=6.5% of 2000=137

agency charges=10%=200

So ,total cost is 477+137+200=Rs.814

Therefore to import items worth rs.2000,your duty and customs cahrges will be rs.814


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  1. maniratna May 12, 2014 at 5:00 am #

    Sir can u me customs duty rates to cloth wooden hanger, manneguin

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    sir can you give me customs duty rates for ores?

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    sir please can you provide me with duty rates for leahter goods thank you

  4. custom August 16, 2011 at 4:43 pm #

    I do enjoy the way you have presented this table,i was searching for breakup of duty rates but didnt find a good explanation,i am new to customs procedure,i wsih you can provide complete way to get customs clearance also it will be great help thank you

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