One of the oldest and most profitable businesses in the hospitality field,its also the most bankable in the food trade. Fast turnover coupled with nil service issues, makes the bakery business a must do in my book. Doing $1000 a day isn’t hard to manage, as long as the following set of points be adhered to:

    Heres a masterlist that teaches you and gives you some first hand tried and tested bakery business ideas
    1.Display is everything -Keeping  atleast a  good 6 feet of clear glass window outside to showcase the days fresh baked goods.the colorful fruit tarts and the impeccably decorated fondant et ganache pastries are definitely your best tool to get people stop for a second and gaze,if not enter inside.A good selection of artisan breads, preferably the larger the better,stacked haphazardly all over the façade of the pane should let someone from a mile away know about the newest bakery in town.



-Even more than quality,taste and appearance of the baked product,the unspoken truth about how cheap or expensive a bakery is,will go down as one of the keys to success. People don’t talk about it because they don’t want  to sound cheap,but logic put simply,you will do 35% more business selling something 50c-75c  cheaper. Afterall lets face it,everyones out to get a good deal.It would cut into your gross profit,but for a new venture its good to get the people coming in faster,and to clear the goods before close.

    3.Happy hours

the last hour before close has to be the best of the day,for the general public I mean.By offering a 25% discount on products for that hour has two important purposes.It mangaes to clear out those remaining few pieces of pastry that havnt been sold for the past 9 hours,and it instills a sense of confidence amongst new patrons,when they realize they will be getting fresh stock of food the next day,and that negates  any chance of doubt that you recyle food.

    4.Calling card

This is going to be your mainstay,your signboard.The words “boulangerie” or “bakery” mustbe overshadow any other words on the top display.

5.QC-Goes without saying  that the  stuff off the shelf of the bakery should try be the best in town,wer’e looking at brisk sales,good stuff at competitive rates,give a little more cherry  icing or bluberry coulis,stuff the pastry that little extra,let the cusomter know,its worth that extra bit.   


Varied,but simple and classy,old favourites like meringues,puff pastry and lemon curd must find a place,they never go out of fashion.Keep the chocolate and almond paste to a minimum, the best thing about baking is how good the margin is,lets not cut down on that by incorporating high cost ingredients in our list.Breads sell more in Europe than in the Americas and other parts of the world,but bread single handedly can turn immense profit, just by,dedicate atleast 6-7 variants of them. 2 tart fillings,profiteroles,scones, and Danish pastry in 2 disguises should do good for a start.


We’ll rely on  “word of mouth”  for this one, the general public in their tiny minds have a subconsciously skeptical block  about publicity of a new place in the neighbourhood, whereas your name on the lips of the local girl-around-town is the best testimony to your gourmet greatness.  

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