7 Reasons to order from Swiggy

7 Reasons to order from Swiggy – The QSR multinational giants like Burger king, Mcdonalds and Domino’s have joined Swiggy. I could stop right there and say “case closed”. But ill give you 7 more reasons to order from Swiggy.


1.Startup by fellow engineers

My first point is one of the most relevant. Swiggy is a young startup founded by 3 engineers in Bangalore. To all my fellow engineers and aspiring ones, these startups are the first steps to any successful business, and it is our duty to support them by downloading the app, and using it. In the food tech space, i have to say it is the most promising new ventures, and in future when any of you who are reading this, and are also coming up with a startup of your own, you will want everyone to get on board and make use of your new service.

I have heard that there were initially some order goof ups and late deliveries, but those things happen in all new ventures, till the creases are ironed out, so be patient, if your first order from Swiggy didn’t go so well, your second and third definitely will.

2.Future of eating out

Swiggy is slowly and surely changing the way we eat out, or order in. With so many restaurants and cuisines to choose from, we are spoilt for choice. No longer do we need to call up just that one restaurant and place our order, here we have  the freedom of browsing the entire menu and seeing pictures of the food items before we actually spend a  single rupee.In my opinion this is a game changer,sure other competitors have also jumped on the bandwagon, but no one has made such a positive impression like Swiggy has.

3.Genuine rating system

One of my best reasons to order from Swiggy is its genuine rating system, and is full proof. Unlike Zomato where any random user can create a fake profile and add fake reviews on a restaurant, without even spending a single dime, such is not the case with Swiggy. Only after you have placed and received your order, can you actually give a star rating to the restaurant food and the delivery service. This is after you setup your account and verify phone number and address with Swiggy of course. So there is no way that an anonymous user can give fake ratings or write a misguided comment to malign the restaurants reputation.

3. Order from Swiggy – Perks

A great feature that Swiggy has is the Card payments facility on its app/website. This is very convenient for people who prefer this over COD.Also there are various promotions and discounts all year through, like referral discounts, festive discounts and not to mention the monthly food carnivals that offer huge discounts on many restaurants.

5.Salient Features

In keeping with the new age food tech company that they strive to be, Swiggy features automated orders, GPS live tracking and other details of your ordering experience to make it as seamless as possible.

6.Not only big Fish, also small fry

Unlike other delivery apps like scootsy that partner up with expensive restaurants, Swiggy has small cafes and restaurants in its roster as well. We all know that the tastiest food comes from these smaller older restaurants, many of which dont deliver, Swiggy has made this possible.

7.No force

Swiggy gives users the benefit of ordering and accessing its menus even through their website besides their app, whereas others like Zomato force you to download the app even to see a single page of menu or photos.


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