Aliexpress india delivery time

Aliexpress india delivery time – When you order your package from Aliexpress.com,most of the sellers will ship your items from either China mainland or Taiwan.Some of these sellers are agents and some are direct manufacturers,this also plays a role in how long your order will take to reach you.For a full review of Aliexpress India read it here or continue reading about transit times.

If you are ordering just one or two small items like electronics or clothing it will come by air mail but if you purchasing in bulk heavy items it will come by sea.Even though the flight time is hardly 7-8 hours from most Chinese cities to India,there are things like:

  • Processing time
  • Seller to Warehouse
  • Warehouse to Airline
  • Flight time
  • Internal Sorting centre
  • Postage and Customs
  • Internal Post

Aliexpress india delivery time free shipping

The price of the product as well as the shipping fee needs to be paid for online in advance as there is no cash on delivery for Aliexpress.If you choose from China and Hong Kong Post airmail it is usually free,or if not free then it definitely the cheapest form of shipping.This will take you about 3 weeks to 45 days to reach you.

Aliexpress india delivery time Paid shipping

Paid shipping like EMS,ARAMEX,DHL or FEDEX will reach you in about 8 days.

Aliexpress india delivery time explained

Most products have an estimated time of delivery given,but this is a broad margin from 32-60 days.Usually the processing time takes 2-5 days.In this time the seller will arrange for the product to be made available for the courier to pickup.

Once the courier picks up the parcel it and takes it to the sorting center,warehouse and hands it over to the airline it will another 4-5 days.

After arriving in the destination country it can take upto 3 weeks to finally get clearance after undergoing customs checks to see if duty is applicable on it.

If you are living in a smaller town it will take an extra few days to reach you whereas tier 1 cities will receive it sooner.

The fastest i have received a parcel is 3 weeks and the longest is close to 2 months.

Twice,i have failed to receive the package and was given a refund for it once.

Reason for delay of parcel coming to India

The most common reasons for delays are:

  • Internal post – After arriving in your destination country,the Indian government post that handles the parcel to your house can delay your delivery by upto 2 weeks.This can be due to weekends,holidays.
  •  Customs – A common delay is by the customs department especially when you order an item that needs to be levied a duty upon or if the invoice price is showing too low and the customs officer needs to check the generic price.
  • Seller – If the seller is a merchant agent or manufacturer also makes a slight difference.Agents will take a few days extra because they need to transfer the order to the manufacturer and then ship the product.

I have an unsaid rule of buying from Aliexpress- If a seller takes too long to deliver or if the seller loses the order in transit,i NEVER order from that seller again.

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  1. Bottleneck November 13, 2018 at 8:31 am #

    Here in mumbai, I have received orders from aliepxress from china small parcel post(untracked) in as little as 12 days a few times. The most delayed record so far was 35 days. The unusual delivery period is because shipments aren’t sent to in india on real time basis. They collect all shipments and dispatch it(to india) once every 15 days. For yanwen post, the dispatch time is once every 30 days.

    Singapore post dispatches in real time. Here, shipments move from china to singapore and then to chennai(india). Delivery time for singapore post to mumbai is 7-9 days.

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