B.Sc. Biotechnology course details, job opportunities and salary


B.Sc. Biotechnology course details, job opportunities and salary – Bachelors of Science in Biotechnology is a course that is heavy on laboratory work.There is a good scope for jobs in the future and there is a wide variety of fields that you can get employed in ranging from pharmaceutical to diagnostic labs.This course has lots of girls joining up compared to boys.

If you do not enjoy chemistry experiments when you were in class 12,then chances are that you do not have the correct aptitude for this course.The main basis for this course is Biology and Chemistry,Biology in the theory part and Chemistry in the practical part.

Biotechnology is a combination of :

  • Biochemistry
  • Virology
  • Engineering
  • Biology
  • Genetics
  • Molecular Biology
  • Plant and Animal Tissue culture

Some of the thing you will learn in the course are related to plant,animal and microbial bioprocess breeding and its relationship with the industries of Agro,Dairy and food technology.

About the course:

It is a bachelors degree course that runs for 3 years after class 12.The three years is divided into six semesters of 2 semesters per year.

Some of the subjets you will study in your 3 year course are:

  • Cell Biology
  • Molecular Biology
  • Metobolic Pathways
  • Microbiology and Immunology
  • Genetics
  • Animal Development
  • Protein Biochemistry and Enzymes
  • Food and Dairy Microbiology


In order to get admission into this course you need to have taken science in your junior college of 11 and 12 standards.Since this course has lots of aspects of Biology,therefore you have to make sure that your PCB in 12th boards is high.Most colleges even give admission to PCB as low as 55%,but to be on the safe side try to get atleast 60% marks in PCB.

Some of the best Biotechnology Colleges

  • School OF Biotechnology,Madurai
  • Dr.B.C. Guha Center of Biotechnology,Kolkota
  • BioInformatics Center,Pune
  • ICT , Institute of Chemical Technology,Mumbai
  • Rajiv Gandhi Center of Biotechnology,Trivandrum

Biotechnology Vs Agriculture Engineering Vs B.Sc Agriculture

I had written an article before about the scope of Agriculture engineering in India and as both Organized Biotechnology and Agriculture Engineering are in its early stages,we can compare the basic difference.

  • Firstly the B.E  Bachelor of Engineering course is much harder to pass and is also 8 semesters long as compared to 6 semesters of B.Sc Biotechnology.
  • The most important point is that Biotechnology gives you a good base in the medical and pharma sector,whereas agriculture does not even 1% venture into this space.
  • Engineering has lots of maths and almost none of Bio and life sciences,whereas Biotech has almost no Mathematics and 60% life sciences.So if you are weak in maths,it is best to avoid Engineering.
  • As far as B.Sc Agriculture goes,there are some subjects common with B.Sc biotechnology,but the most important subject of Genetics that can be taken up at a future point is not taught in B.Sc Agriculture.

B.Sc. Biotechnology couse Future Scope and Job Career

As a Biotechnology graduate,you will find alot of opportunities with companies that are manufacturers and suppliers of products related to Biotechnology,Agriculture,Water & Waste Management, Chemicals,Paints and Enamels.

B.Sc. Biotechnology course

Some of the companies that will hire you are:

  • Ranbaxy
  • Sun Pharmaceuticals
  • Candila
  • Wings Biotech
  • Intas
  • Dr.Lal pathology labs
  • Nissenken
  • Horiba
  • Genotek Biochem
  • Getwell pharmaceuticals
  • Nagarjun Fertilizers and Chemicals
  • Lifecell
  • National Institute of Immunology
  • Cryosave
  • Biosystem Diagnostic
  • Century Pharmaceuticals
  • Food Corporation of India


Breakup of jobs in the Biotechnology industry:

B.Sc. Biotechnology course



As you can see from the above pie chart that the medical and pharmaceutical sector hires the most number of Biotechnology applicants.

You will be hired as :

  • Medical Representative
  • Research Scholar
  • Lab Technician
  • Pharma Sales Executive
  • Medical Coding
  • Biotechnology Patent Analyst
  • Diagnostic Tester
  • Protein Analyst

Upcoming Biotech jobs :

1.Epidemiologist – The job of these people is to prevent medical epidemics and surveying areas and diseases and collecting data to viral diseases currently.Your main job here will be to stop epidemics from happening by using corrective measures and education.

2.Biomedical Engineers– These engineers are used to create and implement medical technology machines that help the healthcare sector.New advances in medical ad diagnosing equipment will greatly reduce illness.

3.Biochemist / Chemical Technicians – The main job of Biochemist is to research and develop new drugs to combat new strains of virus in order to stop spread of disease.It is highly paying job.

Courses after B.Sc Biotechnology

You can either do a M.Sc in Biotechnology and after that a PHd in the same.Most biotech colleges offer the PHd to be done in  duration of 2 years.IF you feel you want to go into another field of biotech then you can do M.Sc in a branch of maybe Microbiology or Genetics or some other sub branch as these also have a good scope where jobs are concerned.



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