B.Sc. Computer Science – Details, eligibility, admission, syllabus,jobs


B.Sc. Computer Science – Details, eligibility, admission, syllabus, jobs – Bsc in computer science has lots of scope in terms of future job prospects.the eligibility and admission procedure is not competitive for this course as it has direct competition with computer science engineering as well as many software courses offered by private institutions like Aptech and NIIT.

How do i know so much about this course? because after my 12th science,i had taken it for 1 year.It was a brand new stream that time and there was lots of competition for it.All science students who were not trying for engineering or medicine was opting for this.Luckily i got admission into it.

Eligibility Criteria and admission

After doing your 12th class in science stream,you will be eligible to apply for a seat in B.Sc computer science.

Like i did,i applied into my own college and easily got the seat,because the college gives preference to its own students before students of other colleges.


About the course,subjects and syllabus

I was there for only one year of FYBsc.I left this because i got into engineering,which im not sure was the best academic choice i made.Engineering was 10 times harder than FYBsc,but i completed.

In the first and second semesters of BSc Computer science there were tow main subjects – operating systems- which was windows and C programming.

I could not understand even one word of C programming and did badly in that paper,but got full marks in the operating system paper.Overall it is not hard at all,i just dont like learning computer languages.

Scope of Computer science abroad

After doing a Bsc in Computer science here in India,you have an excellent chance to do a masters or even a short term course in a foreign country to supplement your Bsc degree.In US and other countries this is highest paying job from all fields even more than an engineer! So if you have the means and resources to go abroad after this degree i suggest you do so. Just check the salaries shown below in dollars to the left.  {per year)

B.Sc. Computer Science - Details, elgibility, admission, syllabus,jobs

How does it compare with Computer Engineering?

The good part about Bsc computer science is that it is much easier and is only 3 years vs 4 years for computer engineering.In engineering there is lots of useless subjects that you learn which is not at all focused on computers and is extremely hard to pass.

Most of the computer subjects in B.E. computers is similar to that of B.Sc computers,but in B.sc you learn it faster and easier.This is good because the syllabus is streamlined to teach you only one thing,whereas this is only taught in final year of B.E .computers.

Of course there are jobs that specifically ask for only B.E. computers or B.E. I.T and the pay will be slightly more.But as a B.sc computer scientist,your job scene is much more broader.


It is a three year bachelors course that is divided into 6 semesters of 2 semesters per year.

  • Data Representation and basic Computer Arithmetic:
  • Data Structure & Object Oriented Programming
  • Computer Architecture &  C Programming
  • Computer Oriented Numerical and Statistical Methods
  • Data Structure & Object Oriented Programming
  •  Internet
  • Javascript
  • Basic and advanced HTML
In addition to theory paper,there will be marks for practicals and maybe an internal assessment which is conducted by the college.The external exam will be conducted by the university,but this scheme of exams may differ from each city and state.

Syllabus for First Year semester 2

Introduction: Logic gates, Boolean algebra, combinational circuits,
circuit simplification, flip-flops and sequential circuits, decoders,
multiplexors, registers, counters and memory units.

Data Representation and basic Computer Arithmetic: Number
systems, complements, fixed and floating point representation,
character representation, addition, subtraction, magnitude comparison.

Basic Computer Organization and Design: Computer registers, bus
system, instruction set, timing and control, instruction cycle, memory reference, input-output and interrupt.

Central Processing Unit: Register organization, arithmetic and
logical micro-operations, stack organization, micro programmed

Programming the Basic Computer: Instruction formats, addressing
modes, instruction codes, machine language, assembly language, input output programming.

Input-output Organization: Peripheral devices, I/O interface, Modes
of data transfer, direct memory access.


Job,Future Career and Scope

 Some of the positions that you can be hired for after completing the 3 year bachelors course is:
  • Software Testing
  • Data research and development scientist
  • DTP Operator
  • Software programmer
  • Research editor
  • Technical BPO

B.Sc. Computer Science - Details, elgibility, admission, syllabus,jobs

Additional skills recruiters are looking for in B.Sc computer science graduates:

Experience in 3D graphics,Virtual reality augmentation

Software development for VR devices

Software integration of Android OS

Knowledge on Android framework



As a fresher graduate of computer science you will have lots of job openings that are common with that of BCA – Bachelor of computer application students.Like the advertisement above that was taken from a leading job website you can see that the starting payscale is Rs.50000 to Rs.2 lacs per annum with incentives given separately. This is a data entry job and is very easy,you just have to do some copy typing work from hardcopy into soft copy on the computer.This is the reason the pay scale is so less.

The job opening on top is by a startup company and these pay much higher.The pay scale here is 1.5 lacs to 2 lacs per annum for freshers.You can expect a 15% hike in base salary after one year which is known as annual increment.


As a Bsc computer scientist,you will earn well because in a way it is the I.T industry.This degree is offered only by universities and colleges and not small private certificate courses.Thus it gives you a valuable degree to get  stable job with.The possibilities and scope is endless and vast.You can further do a masters degree in computer science which will help you get better jobs in the industry.

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