BFF full form


BFF full form

Best friends forever

Binary File Format [IBM]

What is the meaning of BFF in Slang and full form ?

In everyday language in chatting and whats app texting BFF stands for best friends forever.This has become one of the most popular slang phrases in the past 5 years and we use it very often.It is mostly used by girls as compared to boys who dont use it all that much when they are referring to a very close friend of best friend.

The irony of it however is that most of these proclaimed “BFFs” dont stay BFFs for very long and usually lose touch for whatever reason within a few years time.

What is the meaning of BFF in Computers ?

In computers,BFF is a binary file format which is an old type of file that only uses digits of 0 and 1.A combination of 0s and 1s upto with either 4 or 8 digits represents a character.This can easily deciphered by a computer but is hard by to understand by humans.


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