CBSE Improvement exam tips


CBSE Improvement exam tips – If you did your CBSE public exam or the CBSE private/ patrachar exam, the results are in and i’m sure many cleared the papers. However, for those who did not score satisfactorily and need to take the CBSE Improvement exam , here are some valuable tips that i used to clear the improvement exam and get good grades in the re exam.

CBSE Improvement exam tips

1. Write answers in your own language keeping the actual points in mind . Give imaginary or real life examples . Like in political science exam, besides the  meaning of the answer , give examples of current affairs while keeping the question in mind.

2.If you fail in more then two subjects, then  before preparing for the next years exams, change the stream if  you are finding  the current stream too hard you.

3.No need to study from thousands of other reference books . Study from NCERT AND CBSE syllabus course books only, they are good enough to make you understand concepts, stories.

4.Study mostly from main course books and keep your guides/ helping books for reference study

5.Study by understanding each chapter not by mugging up the question bank. As my own life example i failed each time mugging up question banks, but succeeded when understanding the chapter thoroughly.

6. CBSE does not ask questions outside the main books but there is no harm writing examples from outside books.

7.For subjects like Mathematics , Economics, Accounts, practice is the best way. Question papers of last five years are enough to practice on .

8. English- keep your grammar plain and simple.Use short sentences. If Grammar is bad admit it to your teachers and friends asking for help, it is nothing to be ashamed about it. Besides that, try and adopt english in everyday life and ask others to rectify your errors .

9.Many mathematics equations has multiple formulas . Go for the one you are comfortable most / formula you can understand more .

10.Make a timetable for each subject to study do not try to study all together. And do not move to the next chapter until the current is not over.

11.Breaks are important like going for your football match, girls outing, Chatting with friends etc.

12. If failed then always remember life doesn’t end here . Its ok to go for the  improvement exam and clear it next time now you are more experienced. You will get upto five chances for improvement exam.

So hey do not worry if its too hard these are just board exams, so choose subjects of your own interest . When you got subjects of your interest, you work harder automatically and end up scoring good score. What counts is your final mark sheet and your knowledge.


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