CBSE NET – UGC University grants commission along with CBSE that conducts the  bi annual examination for teachers that want to further teach in colleges and university level of education.Without this certification you cannot be a lecturer.This NET or national eligibility test also has a state wide test called as SET or state eligibility test that caters to regional languages and subjects.

This exam is not easy and there are thousands of applicant that will give the papers.Only the top 6% will be selected.

The CBSE NET gives you the title of Assistant professor / Junior Research Fellow.The Assistant professor eligibility will allow you to teach in colleges whereas the JRF or Junior Research fellowship will let you do research in a particular field by appointment by a state or private company.You will also get a salary for the research.


Things to remember about the exam

After speaking to two people who cleared the CBSE NET there are a  few points that any of you hopeful candidates reading this might find useful.

1.Paper 1 is much easier than paper 2.They are totally different but paper 2 has a vast portion and it is almost impossible to answer all.

2.Both papers are very lengthy and not enough time.You have to learn time management properly and keep looking at the clock or suddenly you will notice you have very less time left as time flies when you are giving this paper.

3.About 60% of the paper is moderately easy,20% is easy and the remaining 20% is VERY HARD.Chances of you getting those correct at next to zero.Best thing to do identify those early and keep them for last.Attempt the easy questions first- those that you can solve within a minute or two max.

4.For paper 1 there are many books in the market,containing the similar practice questions.All are mostly the same and no one is better than the other.So just chose one and complete it as much as you can.It is not hard but you need practice and getting used to that type of questioning.

5.For paper 2,try and finish almost the entire portion of your chosen subject,because even the smallest most insignificant part of your syllabus will be asked.

JRF vs Assistant Professor

Junior research fellow shows precedence over Assistant professor at the CBSE NET.Meaning if you qualify and are awarded the JRF you are also eligible for the post of Assistant professor,but it is not the other way around since JRF awarded candidates are selected other basis.

You have to select clearly in the application form whether you are applying for Assistant Professor or JRF or both.IF you select only Asst. professor then you cannot be awarded the JRF.

JRF Asst Professor
Can be offered the fellowship for a period of 3 years,during which can be employed by colleges/universities etc

Minimum marks to enroll for JRF is 55% at masters level.50 % for SC/ST/OBC

Phd degree holders get 5% relaxation in enrollment marks if masters degree is done before 1991

Upper Age limit  should be max 30 years.5years more for SC/ST/OBC

If you passed UGC/CSIR JRF before 199 are exempted from NET

No upper age limit for applying



As always there is a two paper test.You need a good score in both papers,because the average will determine your final result.Both papers are objective type papers.

PAPER 1 – It is 50 questions of 2 marks each so 100 marks total.This paper has topics like logic,reasoning,comprehension and general questions.

PAPER 2 – It has 100 questions of 2 marks each so total 200 marks.This is 2 hours long  and questions will be from the subject that you had selected.This chosen subject of yours is out of the pool of 84 subjects choice.This also is an objective test and you have to mark your bubble in the OMR sheet.



CBSE NET admit card

Since the exam is held in the month of July,One month before in June,the admit cards will be available for download on the official CBSE NET website




IF you go on the CBE NET official portal page,there is an easy four step process by which you can apply online.This can be done by the month of April in that academic year for which the exam is held in July.


CBSE NET Subjects and syllabus

The paper 2 will have a subject of your choice chosen from eighty four subjects.The entire list of these subjects as well as the syllabus for each can be found here


The exam that is held twice a year on average will have the results displayed either on the CBSE website OR the official UGC website this year.Result is declared after 4 months of giving the paper.So this year the July exam results will be released in he month of October.

For the results page go here


After yo successfully complete the UGC  CBSE NET exam and are selected either for awarding a JRF or lectureship, you will get a physical certificate ONLY for Junior Research Fellow by Indian Post mail to your residence.

In case of Assistant Professor,you will have to download the lectureship certificate from the CBSE website and print it out.

Read about the full details of downloading the E certificate from UGC website



ENTIRE  Information brochure

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