CBSE practical exam 2020 changes and new features


CBSE practical exam 2020 changes and new features – With the dates of the CBSE practical and theory exams being released in the past week.Its time to look at some of the new features and changes that all students will face in the upcoming 2020 exams.

For information regarding CBSE private candidate practical exams go here.

CBSE 2020 practical dates

The internal assessment or practicals that are conducted in the premises of your own school will be scheduled from January 1st 2020 to February 7th ,2020.During this time period,all schools should conclude the practicals.This practical date sheet is for class 10 and class 12 exams.

During the past years,the internal examiners from the school itself used to be the invigilators for these practicals.In most probability,your own subject teacher will be in the lab and will conduct the examination.However if new reports are to be believed then there might be an external teacher appointed by CBSE who will invigilate the internal assessments.

CBSE practical exam features and changes

1.The datesheet for the 2020 CBSE practical exam is between January 1st 2020 and February 7th 2020.

2.The practical exam will take place in the same school of the candidate during school hours only.

3.There will be an internal examiner or teacher from the school,an external examiner as well asĀ  supervisor that will visit the lab during the practical session.The external examiner as well as the supervisor will be appointed by the CBSE board only.

4.Once the practical session is completed,the external examiner will supervise the uploading of grades and marks on the special link provided to the school as per code.These marks once uploaded will be final and no alteration will be possible.

5.After marks are uploaded,a group photo of all candidates and invigilators will be taken and uploaded as well onto the CBSE server.Along with this,the photo of the lab where the examination should also be visible.

6.The software which will be used to upload this information along with school and batch number will be geo tagged as well as time tagged to prove authenticity and to overrule fraud.


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