CBSE private candidate practical exam


CBSE private candidate practical exam – Those private candidates whether appearing for Improvement exam or Female Private students have to keep some rules in mind with respect to practical exams.For regular students who were in 11th class and failed and then joined private CBSE after that,they are entitled to give the practicals in those same subjects that they originally applied for.For example some subjects in Science stream like Physics, Chemistry, Biology or Business studies and Physical Education.

CBSE private candidate practical exam

For female private candidates,they can offer practical exams in Home Science subject only.Also Female students are not allowed to opt for any Science subjects that involve practicals unless they had taken those subjects in 11th class and failed.In this case they need to produce a special certificate and submit it to the board for verification.

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CBSE private candidate practical exam commonly asked questions

Q1.Who gives marks and grades for practical exams and viva?

A1. The viva questions and practicals are conducted by the External examiner and the subject / internal teacher is also present for the vivas in most cases he/she also asks some questions.If the total score is of 30 marks then it is an unsaid rule that the external and internal split the total among themselves into 15 marks each.

In the end this is combined and the total is presented.It is very rare to fail in practicals in regular class 12 as you have the support of the internal teacher who is normally instructed to clear everyone else it can be be a black mark on the reputation of the school.

Q2.Does practical marks get carried forward if you fail?

If you fail in a subject and take the improvement exam then you do not need to perform the practical exam again,and the marks will be carreid forward, however if you are taking admission again into 12th class then you need to appear for all subjects and practicals as usual again.

This will happen for the private students after they give the improvement exam in theory.The practical marks will be carried forward by your previous school and will be submitted on your behalf to the board.

Q3.Can you carry forward practical marks if you change your faculty/stream ?

These marks will not get carried forward if your stream changes.

Q4. What are the tips to pass in the CBSE practical exam?

1.In the viva question answer session,even if you don’t know anything about the answer still DO NOT SIT QUIET.Open your mouth and say anything related to the question,if its it rubbish.

The examiner will think your’e mad,bu that is still better than sitting quiet,because they get irritated with that behavior.

2.If you re doing an experiment in Physics or Chemistry,even if you cannot get the end result,still do the experiment half way and leave it,you will still get 75% of marks.

3.Always be extra courteous and respectful to the external examiner.If you say something to irritate him then just be quiet after that and don’t talk anymore wrong answers.

4.Chances of failing in practicals is very less,but getting a low score overall can bring down your total subject marks.




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