CBSE 12th open school form


CBSE 12th open school form private candidates – The CBSE 12th open school form is available for different categories like Compartment – class 12, Improvement Exam, Failed Exam, Adding an additional subject or for Private Female Candidate.All these different types of details on the CBSE form can be done online as shown down below.

CBSE 12th open school form

In CBSE class 11 for regular candidates, if you fail in a subject then you need to repeat the entire 11th will not get admission into 12th CBSE boards if you have even one subject as failed.If you do not do this then the other alternative is to eave this regular school and take admission is a private candidate in CBSE open school.This is a good advantage for students who don’t want to lose a year ,and by doing this simple process they can save that one year.

In this way it is possible to either keep your same subjects that you had started with or if you want you can even change your stream or faculty.this is important because if for example you have failed in maths in 11th class or if your’e science marks were not up to the mark,then you should think of taking up another stream when the 12 CBSE open board

CBSE 12th open school form schedule

The CBSE 12th open school form schedule and dates usually beings after results re declared of the previous year.In the month of August usually the forms are released up to mid December being the last date for submission.This is with the late fees.The CBSE 12th open school examination happens in the month of March for the written test and if there are any practicals then the practical exam happens approximately 2-3 weeks before the theory written exam.

Practical examination happens only in certain subjects like business studies,physical education,home science subjects etc. Science stream has experiments to perform in Physics,Zoology,Botany and Chemistry.

CBSE 12th open school form Online

In order to fill the CBSE 12th open school form online from the official CBSE website please click on the link below:

CBSE Private Apply Online Here

Download the CBSE information booklet below:

 CBSE private form


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