CBSE private candidate eligibility


CBSE private candidate eligibility – In order to give the CBSE examination as a private candidate you need to fulfill certain conditions. This is either for class 10 or class 12 and “private” means that you will not be appearing from a school that is affiliated to the CBSE board,you will be appearing on your own if your result was:

CBSE private candidate eligibility

You can appear as  a private candidate if:

  • If your result is declared as FAIL in the mark-sheet
  • If you were a regular candidate and had been allotted a roll number in a school but could not give the regular exam due to medical reasons
  • If you are a female candidate and have domicile in Delhi jurisdiction
  • Teacher working with a CBSE affiliated school

For Private students compartment subjects eligibility

If you want to do CBSE private but only in a compartment exam then you must meet the following requirement

  • If a student has given the exam in March or July and the result is  marked as compartment can only appear in that one subject and fill online form in compartment category
  • IF a student has result marked as compartment but also wants to appear in another subject that he/she appeared in the March exam ,then they can,but should fill the online form in the FAIL category.

|For more information download the entire information booklet  – for class 10 private candidates | class 12 private

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