Engineering Dropout – Reasons | Rate and job career options

Engineering Dropout – Reasons | Rate and job career options – All the people that dropped out and quit were in my class or the next branch, but i knew them and hey were my friends.So you can be  totally sure that everything i say here in this post is 100% true and i hope all you students who are thinking about dropping out or have already dropped  out can take some ideas and constructive inspiration from these experiences of mine.

Engineering Dropout - Reasons

Many of my friends dropped out for all different reason that i will explain each one below, but before that it is important to take time and make decision. Remember- there is no right decision or wrong decision, its the decision that is suited to you and will be beneficial to you alone.

Engineering Dropout rate

In my Electrical Branch there were approximately 45 students in the class, and in all four branches of the college there was about 220 students total in each year.I knew about 5 people who dropped out in first year and another 2 in second year.Approximately 20 students in FE and SE together, because the drop out rate in COMP computer branch is almost negligible, but in Instrumentation and Electrical is more.So total dropout rate in my college after First and Second year was about 4.5%.

Now remember one thing that my college had a C grade in Mumbai University, now its upgraded to B. This rating tells us {or we can assume} that students who had lower PCM marks, mostly 70% or less had taken admission into this college, hence they already had a lower capacity to study and were less hard working than those in other A grade colleges.This is the reason the rate of dropout will be slightly higher in my college.So in other colleges it is safe to say the rate will be below 3%.


Engineering Dropout reasons

Most of my friends that dropped out of college did so after first year F.E. and some other did so after S.E. 3rd semester results.

1.Too many kts – This is the main reason that almost all students decide to drop out.Since First year is the hardest f all years,in most cases there is a backlog of ATKT subjects, ad due to that you fail the first year.Most people think that if we cant pass the first year then how can we complete four more years after this.Majority leave engineering after failing too many subjects.

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2.Double drop – Out of the students that manage to clear few subjects and kts of F.E. sometimes they do not clear enough subjects to fit into the passing rule of the First year again,because of this,they get a double drop and drop out of engineering.Another case is if they manage to clear the F.E kts and progress to S.E but with a backlog.Now in S.E third semester, they get kts there also. So now there are ATKT from all three semesters.They decide to dropout.

3.Passion – Some friends of mine have left engineering simply because it wasn’t their calling. If you don’t get enough joy in what your’e doing then you shouldn’t be doing it- told to me by a close fried who now is a music teacher after quitting engineering. He was always passionate about music, ad finally he decided after 3 year of struggle that he needed to do what he loved rather than what his parents and family wanted him to do.

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3.Setup a big business and become a young successful entrepreneur – Too many people have been mis-influenced or taken example of today’s billionaires to literally.Mark Zuckerberg, Bil Gates or Larry Ellison are some just to name few who quit and dropped out of college/university ad become billionaires. Lots of people think that if they also follow their passion and stop studies they also will be on the path to greatness. I think most people will consider this a huge risk.There is so much about those entrepreneurs that no one talk about – like how big the company had already become before they decided to drop out.Remember they are extremely smart people, and only after careful consideration would they have decided that their new venture has enough of funding to sustain their dream for at-least a decade.If you come to such a level when you are still studying then it might be an ok idea to quit,else it doesn’t make sense.

4.Father is rich- There was a time when even  felt hopeless after collecting 13 kts in semester 3.I thought i needed to quit.I could simply join my fathers business and enjoy without all this headache of studying so much and stress.There are many like me who just want to quit because they already have  a secondary backup plan.Not everyone is fortunate, i however decided i would never depend on my father or ask him for money and decided to take the year drop after semester 4, clear my kts {which had reached 15 at the time} and go continue to sem 5.

5.Financial problem-free paid seats – Writing the above passage i felt so privileged, but at the same time it reminded me of 2 guys i knew who dropped out because of a financial problem.One had a drop because of kt backlog and the other had all clear but still had to drop out because it was a Rs.50,000 a year paid seat

6.No college or branch- Last reason is because the student didn’t get their desired branch or college, and they didn’t like the quality of the college,infrastructure and teaching staff.Some of these student went to the CAP rounds again and tried their luck taking admission again. Some got into better colleges while some left engineering totally.

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Engineering Dropout jobs in future and career options

Most of the people who drop out already do so because they have already set their mind on another plan, but if you had to involuntary leave because of an unplanned reason, you must be feeling stuck. A Safe bet would be to take admission first into a bachelors course, maybe in your same junior college that you cleared 10+ 2 from.This regular bachelors degree is easy on the pocket with lesser fees,you will get a graduate degree when you finish and it is a much easier course to complete compared to engineering.

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As far as a job goes, the first thing you can try and do is what all of us guys who get a drop does- join a BPO. why? because its decent money for a first job that requires zero experience and is  a good interim arrangement till you do other things.You can easily rake in Rs.1l. to 1.9l CTC per year package even if you aren’t a graduate. There are other jobs you can take like freelancing work,sales jobs etc but those most of them are field and are not good enough to get a good income.You will be surprised that even in a call center there is room for growth and within 3-4 years time you can reach a managerial position with a very good income,with good crowd and  fun life.There are people who are much older in 40’s and 50’s who have left their jobs to come and work in the BPO industry,it is easy work,in a good surrounding with a good income.

Engineering Dropout – my advice

To all reading,i was in your place, i also almost quit. IF you are in the same situation, why don’t you try this. If you want to quit because of the pressure of failure and too many subjects backlog,then take a break.In your drop year,work at a call center or do nothing, but study and clear those ATKTs. See how you feel in the drop year, its like a breath of fresh air,it give you time to think and experiment with other options.In this time you can come up with a solution. Don’t go back and pay your fees til you have decided,if you are 100% sure you don’t want to do it after a year,then go do something you like, if you get inspiration and decide to continue after a year,that also is good, let it take 3-4 years more to get your degree, there is no rush.Why did i decide to go back? because it made me feel like a loser if i set out to accomplish a goal and left it mid way.



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  1. Ram April 1, 2018 at 8:25 am #

    Hello, thanks for Ur suggestions. I’m sriram, I did my engineering in cse in 2015 and have a few backlogs and I cleared all my papers except 3 subjects finally, and there is a optional in our University that we can leave 2 papers Wich of 8 credits and I have left that 2 papers and I have finally one big subject called engineering mathematics. After many attempts I was failing and I’m now scared and it sucks me to write the exam another time and Im thinking to leave my degree because of this shit subject, from 2015- 2017 I worked for different BPO companies and find nothing In that, and finally I’m now jobless and worried about my future, I don’t have any degree now and very much depressed the way my life is going. Felt like sharing.

    • jojo22 April 3, 2018 at 7:51 am #

      i think u should appear for the paper with a clear mind.as log as u are workign it will be hard to clear as BPOs have bad shift tmings,you wil not be able to give enough attention to maths.maybe leave your job for 2-3 months and give it a shot,no point sacrificing your degree because of just 1 subject right

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