Common questions about passing and failing in engineering


Common questions about passing and failing in engineering – In the last 2 years, i have received hundreds of different questions and regarding passing and failing in engineering, mainly in Maharashtra colleges.

Since i did not have the time to personally answer each and every one of them, i have now compiled it into one post here. some of them are good questions, and some are silly, but i answered them nonetheless.

Common questions about passing and failing in engineering

Before going further , you can also read about the history of ATKT or the full form meaning of ATKT

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Common questions about passing and failing in engineering

1.Are grace marks given at golden subject in engineering

2.Can we get admission in engineering if there is a atkt in diploma

3.How to clear engineering avoiding kts

4.Is grace marking available for F.E in university of Pune

5.Is it a sin to have an ATKT in engineering

6.Maximum KTs in engineering

7.Not eligible for technical education rule Mumbai University

8.How to prevent a drop in 2nd year engineering

9.By giving money, does atkt get cleared

10.What to do if you fail one year in engineering

11.What are backlog Pune University Rules for ATKT/ Year drop/ rules?

12.What are the passing marks out of 80 in Mumbai University?

13.What are the current ATKT Rules for Mumbai University?



1.Are grace marks given at golden subject in engineering?

It is an unsaid rule,but your golden subject or if you have one subject pending in need of passing, you can get upto 1% of total marks in that subject to clear. If paper is of 40 marks, and you have 37, you get graced. If its your fresh attempt, and just one subject left, you can easily get 7-8 marks to pass,


2.Can we get admission in engineering if there is a atkt in diploma?

In the CAP rounds you need to provide documents of  Diploma passing showing you have atleast 45% for general category and 40% for SC/ST category.It has to be clear result without atkt.


3.How to clear engineering avoiding KTs

The first think i tell as far as possible,, join classes.Not only for better notes, but you start getting involved with the subject much earlier on,otherwise you would start the subject just 1 month before. This way you can get acquainted with the chapters and concepts at least 5 months beforehand.


Another way is to make lots of diagrams and write lots of content.If there is a subject with little theory in it and more concepts, do the theory and derivations  100% and get those 15-20 marks, it will help you to reach 40.I passed my CP2 paper without learning one line of programming.


4.Are grace marks available for F.E university of Pune?

Same as Mumbai university, Pune university gives grace marks in fresh attempt, in one subject, provided you have cleared all the other subjects.


5.Is it a sin to have an ATKT in engineering?

I got this question a few days back. I’m not sure how religion and engineering got mixed up, but engineering in Mumbai/Pune and Maharashtra Universities are so hard that i think even if god gave a paper without studying, he would get a KT in it.You need to work very hard,8-10 hours a day before your exams and if you cannot do that, you shouldn’t be doing engineering.


6.what maximum KTs can you have in engineering? (updated new rules  see below)

At the end of 4 years, it depends on what your talking. For some big government sector companies like Bhel and private companies like Infosys, ask for 65% average for all 4 years, meaning of course you have to all clear through out. Others check only the final year result, and getting a first class there is an advantage. If you plan on going abroad after engineering, some countries have an unsaid rule for a 6 KT maximum for all four years.


7.Is Not eligible for technical education rule Mumbai university?

Also known as NFT or NFTE -not fit for technical education rule is implemented when the student is given 8 attempts to clear a subject and even after that he/she cannot pass it.I don’t know anyone who has been thrown out of engineering by this rule,because most people somehow manage to pass within 8 attempts. This is given because the syllabus keeps changing every 5 years or so, which is about 10 attempts of a particular course, after which the new course prevails.So after the new course sets in, they still set about 4 more papers for the old course, and those 4 attempts will of course be your last 4 attempts.

8.How to prevent a drop in the 2nd year engineering?

The semester 3 is not so hard compared to first year subjects, and many subjects are common for most branches. The key to clearing 2nd year, depends on your first year subjects, and how fast you can clear the backlog. If you scrape through first year with 5 kts, you will be left with 11 subjects to study for with 6 more coming from SEM 4.

Its extremely hard psychologically when it goes into double figures, and second year engineering  if cleared ,can ensure you complete your degree in 4 years.

So, Firstly 5 subjects out of 6 from sem 3 should be attempted very well along with 3 from F.E .Out of 8, six can be cleared successfully, that still leaves you with 11 subjects again along with SEM 4. Now you need to clear 6 subjects again to end up with 5 to pass the year.

Aim for 4 subjects from SEM 4 and  all the rest from sem 1,2,3. Since those are older subjects, you have better understanding of them.Out of 9, you can take out 6 again to leave you with 5 .

The mistake most people do, is that they attempt all 6 subjects of the fresh semester.

9.By giving money,does ATKT get cleared?

Since this is a public discussion,i cannot say yes.There “may have been” instances when rumors are spread about someone clearing KTs, but the only people who can pass or fail you are the paper checkers, in most cases, your subject profs, or the HOD who sometimes corrects papers.

10.What to do if you fail one year in engineering?

Do the same like i did, get some work experience. You will be one step ahead of others who don’t have a drop.Out of the 10 months you have in your drop, work for 5 months and prepare for your KTs for the other 5 months.The best paying jobs are BPO jobs, that need only a 10+2 education.

Voice process can pay you maximum atleast 15k a month.You get good experience at a job environment and good pocket money.I know people who left engineering in their drop years because they loved the job so much.

11.What are Pune University backlog Rules for ATKT/ Year down ?

As of 2017, It is somewhat similar to Mumbai university. In Pune University you are allowed maximum 4 KTs per year else you get a drop simple.Also golden kt rule is also same as Mumbai university.

In F.E and S.E there is a 50:50 rule, Internal{online} exams of 50 marks with passing 20 marks, and External{Written} exams of 50 marks of which 20 marks again is passing. Total 40 marks minimum passing taken together.

In T.E and B.E there is a 30:70 rule, {Internal exam} is of 30 marks with no passing grade and {written} is of 70 marks with 28 marks minimum passing.Total is 40 marks minimum when taken together.

For more rules regarding pune university go here

12.What are the passing marks out of 70 in Mumbai University?

If the paper is of 100 marks the passing is 40{Officially},37{Unofficially} and if the paper is of 80 marks then the passing is 32 {officially},30{unofficially}

13.What are the current ATKT Rules for Mumbai University?

As of 2017, you are allowed a maximum of 5 kts- all theory or internal or viva together. A maximum of 3 internal kts is allowed from one year to the next.Passing marks in internal is  8 out of 20 and viva or practical is 10 out of 20. TOTAL 8 ATKTS allowed

There is an exception – if u score more than 50% in theory end paper and don’t attend the internal paper, you can be exempted and passed, automatically securing you 8 out of 20 in the internal.This is only for the unit test and not for the viva/practical.

Other Important rules for heads of passing in Mumbai university

1.You need 40% marks separately in all Theory end semester exam, Practical exam, Oral viva exam and Internal assessment .Note term work is not considered a head of passing,so if you fail in it by any chance it wont be considered separately as a kt.


2.If you fail in the internal assessment BUT score more than 50% in combined =ESE thoery paper + Internal assessment  = average taken together, then you pass.


3.If by chance you don’t get first class in the final year semesters or want to improve your existing final year marks then you can give the theory papers again for that year either for semester 7 or semester 8 or both depending on you,


you have to give the entire semester papers.If by chance you get an ATKT in this second try ,then you dont have to give it again.You have 3 trials for this.


GRADE POINT TABLE Marking system

Common questions about passing and failing in engineering


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