Pune University Backlog rules


Pune University Backlog rules – Also known as Savitribai Phule University the engineering (SPPU)students have passing rules or year down rules criteria and as a result only those students with certain amount of ATKT or KT failed subjects may pass on to the next academic year.These engineering exam rules are very similar to Mumbai University.

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 Pune University Backlog rules – CREDIT BASED

After the 2015 syllabus,the credit based system was introduced.

  • In order to clear F.E and goto S.E you need minimum 25 credit points
  • In order to go from S.E to T.E , you need 75 points minimum and also F.E should be clear without backlogs
  • So basically,the current year that you are trying to clear should have a minimum of 25 credit points
  • According to pre 2015 – the old pattern you are allowed max 3 kts per year in order to get promoted

 Pune University Backlog rules

1.It is a 4 kts rule(before 2015 it is 3 KT rule as per old pattern) per year or for every 2 semesters.

2.In first four semesters or first two years of engineering there are internal test of 50 marks and theory test of 50 marks.Passing is 20 marks in each test minimum in order to avoid a KT and 40 marks total in both together.

3.In next four semesters of third and fourth year the internal paper is 30 marks with no passing marks and theory semester end paper is 70 marks with 28 as passing.Again 40 marks total is passing.

4.Golden kt – you need to clear all subjects of first year to enter third year,all subjects of second year to enter 4th year,even if one atkt is there then you cant get admission.


For grace marks:

There is a full post written for grace marks in Pune university,you an check it there.

Pune University Backlog rules


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