Revaluation rechecking re verification difference

Revaluation rechecking re verification difference – The difference and meaning between the terms moderation, revaluation, rechecking and reverification in CBSE, Engineering ,Matriculation exam sometimes needs a form to be filled in and given to the exam cell of the college, or some boards ask to submit it online on the website.

I had done engineering and when we got ATKTs and applied for reval it was usually two options- Either we gave for rechecking or for revaluation.Below is an answer sheet after i got it back after revaluation or moderation.

Revaluation rechecking re verification difference


Revaluation rechecking re verification difference

This is the front page of the answer booklet where the question number wise marks are allotted for easy calculation.



There are two types of options you can apply for.Rechecking that costs about Rs.50.In this option the paper rechecker will only total the marks again to check if there is any mistake in the totaling.In the second option which i am showing below in the picture,its called as revaluation and costs about Rs.500.In this option,the paper revaluator which is mostly your subject teacher will go through all the answers again and give marks.you also get a xerox copy of the full answer sheet booklet.

Revaluation rechecking re verification difference

Since the answer booklet was too long, i have shown you just this page containting the answer for which i received one extra mark.

As you can see in the first picture in question number 2 the marks before moderation is 5 and after re evaluating is 6.Sadly still i did not clear the paper and was stuck on 33 where 37 is passing marks.


When to send for Rechecking and Revaluation

If you have a sure shot at passing and have a strong feeling that your marks should be more then go for the rs.500 revaluation where you get a xerox copy of the answer sheet.This is useful for objective subjects and maths where you can grade yourself before hand and can calculate your own score.

In the Rs.50 rechecking where only the marks are recounted again to check for errors in totals,you can use this for subjective subjects where there was lots of theory or where you have a small chance of passing.In this case if you are just taking a chance without much hope then go for this.

CBSE Re verification and Revaluation

For CBSE – private and school both ) students of 10th and 12th board exams,there is a provision to obtain a photocopy xerox of their answer sheet booklets in improvement or compartment examinations as well as fresh candidates.

Revaluation rechecking re verification difference

Note there is a last date for which you need to file the re verification online.

To apply online for reval/rechecking go here


Pune University Paper Revaluation / Re verification

The students of Pune University for all courses and branches need to download a form online and submit it to the respective college exam cell.There is a charge for this process and the fees is given here

Revaluation rechecking re verification difference

Download the verification form here

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