How to pass Engineering exams easily – Tips to clear fast


How to pass Engineering exams easily – If you are suffering from an overdose of failed subjects in a semester or if you want to clear your engineering atkts fast there are a few ways to do this.This is especially for people who are finding it very hard to clear the subjects and some of you’ll even think of dropping out of engineering,but before you think of anything like that,better read these few tips.

How to pass Engineering exams easily

In F.E if you are doing Civil branch or Computer or any other, the first Year of engineering is the hardest and most people accumulate a backlog of ATKT in F.E.This backlog then carry forward to the next semester and causes more problems.Besides clearing theory papers,these tricks can also help you clear in viva questions that you find hard to crack.

Guys/girls before you carry on reading, let me tell you that i had over 25 kts in my 4 years of engineering,and i found all possible ways to tackle it,so take some advice of mine from below,best of luck :

2. Group – In FE i sat on the last bench with all my friends and we did lots of masti. Result – i failed in 9 out of 16 subjects. In SE i sat right in font on the second row. result – i still got a few kts 😛 BUT i cleared half the subjects, got good marks on Term Work,finished all my files on time,finished all assignments before time, and got access to the best notes. This is the advantage of hanging out with the toppers – mind you, you might not become a topper,but you will get half way there atleast. 🙂





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