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ATKT Full Form – Ever wondered what  ATKT means or its long form meaning ( or KT full form) but for students who are in junior college and high school  who do not know the ATKT Full Form (in Hindi  or Marathi ), they haven’t yet had the chance to get familiar with it.


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atkt full form

Some people joke that the Full Form of ATKT is “after trying, keep trying”. This maybe true in Indian Engineering Colleges that have some of the toughest courses in the world. (trust me, i have lived through one of them). Its common for engineering students to appear for an exam more than twice,or thrice.

Most universities in India use the ATKT system after 10+2  for Bachelors courses and  ATKT is a short form for “Allowed to keep term”. For all courses (Architecture,B.Com,Bsc etc) the ATKT Rules differ depending on the number of subjects in the semester/year and the ease of the course.

For example in first year BSc ( FYBsc),   there are 6 subjects in the year , and the ATKT rule is 2. Which means if you fail in more than 2 subjects, you will fail the year, but up to any two subjects can be given again until you have successfully passed in them.

In engineering, since the number of subjects are more and the level of education is more difficult, the number of ATKTs is 5 for most years.

ATKT full formNote that in some courses there is a maximum number of tries for the ATKT also, and you cannot keep giving a paper hundred times till you clear it. Also there are some courses/streams that have a rule to clear all previous ATKTs before advancing to the final year.

For example in a four year engineering course, when you reach the final year, you cannot have any ATKTs of the first or second year, otherwise you wont get admission to the final year until you clear those.


Pariksha fir se likhne ki anumati diya hain

ATKT ka full form hai “allowed to keep term”.Iska matlab hai – jin subject mein student fail ho jata hai,un subject ko dubara likhna hoga.Atkt milne se student us year mein FAIL NAHI hoga aur next year mein admission le sakta hai.

Bharat mein alag alag universities aur colleges ke alag atkt passing rules banate hain.example , 6 subjects mein se 2-3 atkts ka rule ho sakta hain.

ATKT system sirf senior college mein hota hain,FYBA/FYBSC etc ke baad – junior college mein nahi (11th ,12th)

{depending on college,year, stream (engineering ,medicine, architecture)}


Pariksha punha lihinyaychi  paravangi

Cross KT meaning

Cross KT or cross atkt happens in all types of courses be it architecture,engineering,, etc.It can happen in normal senior college of FY,SY or TY also.Its a very simple concept that happens when a student gets atkts in two separate years,maybe in Fy and SY or F.E and S.E.

What happens in this case is that the chances of going to the next year becomes even more complicated.In engineering,if you have a F.E and S.E kt and want to go to T.E – you need to first clear the F.E golden KT and be totally clear for any first year subjects,only then can you proceed to third year.Even if you have no kts in SE but 1 KT in  FE,you will still not be eligible to go to TE.

Dead KT meaning and its importance

There is a difference between dead kt and live kt – A dead kt is an old kt that you had in the past and cleared it.A live kt is one that is still not cleared – AFTER you have passed semester 8.Why is this important you may ask? – Well,when you go for job interviews,sometimes some companies ask for all clear in all 4 years,some allow you to have upto 6 kts (dead) in your 4 years and some companies do not care.

Some big government companies like ISRO etc will like to select a candidate who does not have any dead kts or lives ones-meaning a total all clear in all 4 years.Some foreign colleges allow upto 6 kts in the past.

How does the ATKT system help the students?

In either undergraduate or graduate degrees in India,where the ATKT is used,it becomes beneficial when the course is difficult – like a technical engineering degree.

Ease – Engineering in our country is extremely hard,and only 10-25% students from the entire class can clear all the subjects in the first shot.The rest fail in at least one subject out of the 5 or 6 in the semester.In this case,it becomes necessary to provide a system to the students whereby they have the option of clearing these subjects in the next attempt.

Time – Another very important advantage of the ATKT system is that the students do not waste any years due to failure and backlog,they can still get promoted to the next year and continue their studies.This way they won’t ruin their career and lose any years because of failed subjects.They can simply appear for the ATKT exam later and pass it.

Stress – This ATKT system overall reduces stress and pressure on the students because they know that they can give the paper a second or even third time and clear the paper.There is no immediate urgency to clear the paper in the first shot.

What does Internal and External ATKT mean?

Internal ATKT exams are those like term end tests,unit tests,laboratory exams,viva voce and theory tests that are graded,invigilated and paper checking correction is done by the staff and teachers of the same college that you are studying in and NOT by anyone else from outside.These results are usually good,whereby most students clear the papers since subject teachers are most lenient with their own students.

External ATKT exams are usually only the semester end exams that are checked by the professors from another college.These examiners are assigned by the university and come to the exam cell of the college and correct the papers there.Usually there are 2 semesters in the entire  years course that have external exams.


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