kt full form

kt full form – kt is the short form for atkt and the full form of atkt is ” allowed to keep term”.In engineering language we sometimes say we got 3 kts or 4 kts.This means we have failed in 3 or 4 subjects and the more number of kts you get in a semester will ultimately decide whether your get a year drop or not.

These number of subjects that you need to pass in are also referred to as heads of passing.

Getting a kt is is not only restricted to engineering,and the ATKT system is used in all universities all over India in state,national and private colleges in senior college as well as professional level courses.

This kt system is not used in the 11th or 12th class level.


kt rules for passing and failing

In professional courses like architecture and engineering in order to pass onto the next academic year,you are limited to a certain maximum number of kts.

If you exceed these this maximum kt limit,you will have to give the paper again.

When you fail in a particular subject and have the option of appearing for the same exam again it is called as a kt exam or ATKT.

You will be allowed to give this paper how many ever times till you clear it – however some universities put a cap on the maximum number of attempts you get to clear a paper.This is usually 8 attempts,but changes from one university to the next.

Sometimes after reaching your maximum number of kt attempts,the university might consider you “not fit for technical education” or short form is NFT.

kt and year down

If you get more than the kt rule of the academic year,then you will get a drop or year down.This means,you cannot get admission into the next academic year until you clear the backlog of kts that has accumulated.

In this year down,you will get 2 attempts to clear these backlog of kts and should be sufficient

Other ways to clear kts are:

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