Year down in engineering


Year down in engineering criteria – If you are from Pune University or Mumbai University or any other state or private engineering college in India and have too many ATKTs,this backlog of failed subjects will give you a year drop or year down.It is an unfortunate result due to the ATKT rules.

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Year down in engineering

How to prevent year down in engineering?

If you have failed in more than the maximum permitted heads of passing for an academic year,you will get the year down or a drop.One of the best ways to avoid this is to approach the year semester-wise. This means to try and clear one semester a ta time rather than concentrating on all the subjects in the year.

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For example if you have 3 ATKTs in the 3rd semester and now have 6 fresh subjects of the 4th year to clear – your first idea will be to give more importance to clearing all the subjects of the 4th semester and then at the same time study less for the 3rd sem,because you are already half prepared in it and you don’t need to give your full attention to it.

I suggest you give 100% to the KT subjects and then tackle the easiest 2 of the 4th semester.This way you can be certain to clear “atleast” 2 of 3rd and 2 of 4th.

Whereas if you try to clear all 6 of new and also 3 of old,there is good chance you will only clear 1 of old and 1-2 of new.This will definitely lead to a year down – a situation you dont want.

This thing has happened to me – that is why i’m warning all of you of it.If you try and be too eager to try and pass all,you will get into problems.You are not superman so don’t try and be overambitious.

What about grace marks and best of performance?

Some universities like Pune university has a provision called best of performance whereby you can try and give the form application and try and clear one subject.If you gave the KT exam for one subject then the best of 3 chances will be considered and any score above 30 marks will allow you to get cleared.

Grace marks and condonation are often given if you have just one subject falling short of marks in the year,so this might not help you if you are facing a year down scenario.

Will revaluation or rechecking prevent a year down?

The difference between revaluation and rechecking is huge and is a gamble.IF you are one the borderline in a subject, like 35 or 36 out of 40,then there is a chance that you might get cleared in it,but dont keep your hopes on it.Its like a lottery and just pay for the Rs.50 re- totaling option,dont go in for the expensive Rs.500 rechecking unless you are certain you should have scored more.

Does having a year down in engineering affect your future career?

Many students have asked me this question before.When applying to foreign universities,some premium ones will ask you to have below 6-8 ATKTs during the entire 4 years course.B grade colleges will not bother much about this.

As far as Indian companies go,big companies ask for all clear when you have to give the entrance exam for it.

Again for most jobs having a year down does not make much difference and the most valuable asset you have is the experience and you will be given a job based on that.

Should you drop out after a year down?

I had a few friends who left engineering after getting a year down.They couldn’t handle the pressure and quit engineering.Some people might think that this makes sense,rather than losing more years of your life.

I think this can be harmful to your confidence and self belief.If you quit so early in your life,you will always have this regret and most likely will continue failing in other things in future.Whereas taking up the challenge and fighting will make you stronger than before.There is no guarantee that you will fail again after this,but atleast you will now know that you have the strength and courage to overcome any obstacle,rather than run away from it.

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