ATKT means


ATKT meansWhat does atkt mean and why is so important for all college students nowadays?This question i can answer for you very well because i have had many atkts and i know how it can affect the career and studies.

An atkt is a method that colleges give to help you pass your papers easily.Sounds weird right?but it happens in degree colleges and professional courses like engineering,law,architecture etc.This is because some of these courses are hard to pass.

If we fail in a subject then we are allowed to attempt it again and have a shot at clearing it in the next examination.


ATKT Means

There are two ways we can explain what an atkt is:

  • Atkt system in college – Since more than 3 decades this is a system that is beneficial to students who fail in exams.By implementing this system,the student that has failed in a theory,practical or viva subject can have another chance to clear it in the next exam which is usually after 6 months or less.This way the student does not sacrifice the academic year.
  • Atkt subject – These are the subjects in which we have failed.They are now known as atkts and we can attempt these in the next bi annual main examination.In most cases these are theory subjects but sometimes students also fail in practicals and oral tests.I have seen cases where an entire year has got lost because of one viva or practical subject.

How many attempts can we get for ATKT subjects

When you get an atkt it doesn’t mean that you can keep giving that exam how many ever times you like.Each and every university has laid down rules for which it is mentioned the maximum number of attempts you get.In some universities it is 6 or 8 attempts after which you are debarred from any more attempts.

Also there is a maximum number of subjects that you can get before you are promoted or actually fail the year.This is known as the atkt rule.

For example in FYBSc in Delhi university there is a kt rule (or atkt rule) of 3.This means if you have more than 3 atkts,you will fail the year.But you still get a chance to clear them.



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