ATKT meaning in engineering


ATKT meaning in engineering – Engineering is one of the hardest technical courses in any university.IT is highly technical with lots of maths and physics applications.This is the reason many students end up with a ATKTs in a semester.Some very hard working students also clear the entire semester without any KTs but this is rare.

For engineers getting an ATKT is nightmare.It happens when we don’t clear the subject and get less marks than the passing minimum.If the paper is out of 50 or 100,this passing marks will either be 18 or 37.This of course depending on your university and state where you gave your exams.

ATKT meaning in engineering

In terms of engineering,an ATKT means that we have failed that paper but still have a chance to appear for this same paper again and try and clear it.However there is a cap on the number of attempts you have to clear the same paper.In most universities there is a maximum of 8 tries after which you could be expelled from the course with the tag of “not fit to technical education” or NFTE.

When you get an ATKT in your engineering paper you can wait for 6 months and re appear for this same paper.Your chances of clearing this paper now are much better because not only have you had 6 months more to prepare well for this paper but you now have better understanding and are more converse with the subject matter.

Difference between ATKTs and failing the year

Each university has set a rule for the maximum number of ATKTs you can get before you need to repeat the year.For example if there are 10 subjects in the year and at the end of the year you get more than 4 ATKTs then you cannot be promoted to the next year and need to clear this backlog before you can proceed to take admission.This is called as an ATKT rule.

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