yd meaning in engineering


yd meaning in engineering – the full form of yd is year down in engineering.There are many criteria and ATKT rules that different universities have to pass the year.If you have more than the maximum number of ATKTs allowed by this rule,then you will get the year down or a year drop.


yd meaning in engineering

If you get a year down or year drop,then you will lose two semesters.You do not need to sit for lectures in the year down year,but only go to college and give the ATKT exams which happen every 6 months.So,in you will get 2 attempts to clear your backlog of failed subjects.Once you clear sufficient number of subjects and become eligible


yd experience

When i did engineering from Mumbai university,i had got a year drop after doing F.E.At that time the ATKT rules was 6 and had been increased from 4.Many students along with me had got a year down due to this.In my time,there was 16 subjects in the first year,8 per semester.This made it more difficult to pass as there was more subject matter to study and overall a bigger portion.

What to do if you get a year drop

In case there is no way to avoid the year drop even after applying for revaluation or best of performance this is what you should do.It is the same thing that i did-

You will have about 10 months and two attempts to clear this backlog.Dont spend the entire 10 months trying to study,believe me its a waste of time.You dont need so much time to clear these ATKTs. Better,you should work for about 4 months in total and keep the rest of the 6 months for studying.

You can either join a BPO or any other job that is accepting class 12 pass students.You will get some work experience as well as earn some money.The joy of earning your first salary is very good and you can collect some money for 4 months working.This will make you happy and also not so sad about getting the year down.

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