Passing marks out of 50 in Pune University

Passing marks out of 50 in Pune University – In Engineering in Pune University there are 8 semesters and the passing marks and criteria is different for the first 4 semesters and different for the latter semesters of 5,6,7,8.

Ill explain it here:

In semesters 1 to 4 there are 2 main tests for each subject in a semester which are both of 50 marks each.The internal test of 50 marks and the theory exam of 50 marks.

Now for each of these 50 marks tests,the passing marks are 20 marks.When added together,the passing marks for the entire subject are 40 marks. (20+20)

So,out of 50 marks – the passing grade is 20.

Now if you get 37 out of 100 as the full total,in most universities,it will be rounded off to 40 and you will pass.



What if you do not get Passing marks ?

If you do not meet the ATKT rules of your university and fail in more than the maximum heads of passing,here are few ways to proceed after that-

  • Apply for revaluation/rechecking or re verification. Either you can just opt for getting your marks totaled again or you can get  a photocopy of your answer booklet and check it for errors your self.If you are on the edge,there is a good chance you might get an extra mark or two and clear.
  • Apply for best of performance  – you can fill out the form for best of performance in the examination cell after giving the ATKT paper and if you score above 30 in any subject out of three attempts you can clear BOP.
  • Grace Marks – Along with getting condoned,grace marks are given in various scenarios,like getting a higher class,clearing just a single subject after passing all the others etc.These different cases for giving grace marks also help you to go past the passing marks.

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  1. Viraj September 21, 2018 at 8:25 am #

    Hello.. My total out of hundred is 38 in pune university.. Can I get grace.. In 2015 pattern

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