ATKT meaning


ATKT meaning – Everyone has had an atkt in college,and if you have not had one,you might still get it.The atkt system as introduced long back as a system to help student clear subjects in which they failed without failing the entire year.This way they wont lose one previous year.

ATKT meaning

What is this system exactly?This is not applicable for school student or even junior college students.All classes upto class 12 do not have this atkt system,but after 12 most universities allow it.

If in class or class 13th,suppose you have failed in 2 subjects out of 5 in the year- the university allows you to reappear for those subjects a second time and clear them.This is a second chance you get.They will not fail you,but will promote you to the SYBcom even though you have these failed subjects.These two subjects are known as your atkt subjects.

ATKT meaning in professional courses

Professional courses like engineering and architecture are different from normal degree colleges because:

  • They are much more difficult to clear
  • They have more number of subjects per semester- at least 10
  • There are 2 semesters per academic year
  • Practicals and viva exams also count as atkts

The meaning of atkt is same in professional courses also however the way they are implemented is quite different.First of all these exams are held semester wise and an atkt in a semester can be cleared in the next semester of the same year.For example if i had 4 atkts in semester 1,i can give the atkt exam for these papers in semester 2 an clear it.I can also give it in semester 3 or semester 4.

It is very complicated for professional degrees because students end up with many many atkt subjects.

Infact there is a joke that says – atkt means “after trying keep trying”.This is because some students attempt paper 6 or 7 times also before actually clearing it.


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