Best Engineering Courses in India


Best Engineering Courses in India – When we talk about the best branch of engineering after doing  12th,we normally mean two things – which has the best scope in terms of job scope and high salary.We will try to choose the highest paid upcoming future careers that you can take and at the same time it should be easy to clear in engineering college.

I have done a four year B.E course and let me tell you,if you are thinking of pursuing a degree course in a university,it will not be easy.Especially the First year of engineering that is known as F.E is in my opinion the hardest of all.

If you can overcome this first year then the other 3 years is not so bad comparatively.

Best Engineering Courses in India in – IITs

According to a report by Times of India,i read that there was a preference by branch as well as the city of the IIT.I know what all of you are thinking – we are IIT grads,we are normal engineering students but the demand for the best engineering course is the same across all colleges in India.

Best Engineering Courses and Branches

As you can see,the best engineering branches in the IITs are Computer branch,Electrical,Mechanical and Civil.

Best Engineering Courses in India for females

In order to choose the best engineering field for girls after doing class 12 we have to consider a few points like:

1.How much field work is required compared to a desk job

2.Does it entail use of heavy machinery

3.Does it require a rough environment like plant /factory .industrial work

Information technology / Computer Engineering – B.E or B.Tech in these two fields sees the highest number of students opting for it because it is 100% a desk job in a nice plush AC office where all you need is your fingers and your mind.Not only is this a very high paying job but it is ideal for females,because women for some reason this involves lots of  Data management/Coding and typing.

Agriculture / Dairy /Food tech Engineering– Nowadays there are many new options for students after 12th who want to pursue  engineering degree or diploma.In fact there are more vocational options for Diploma students.Only drawback is that these student receive a lower salary compared to degree pass out graduates.

Software testing – Many of my female friends who were with me in engineering took this up as their first job.No matter which branch you are from,as a fresher you will easily get this job,and is perfect for females because it is a desk job and does not involve any field work.You can get a salary of 25,000 easily for this type of work.

 GLOBAL LIST of Best Engineering Courses – Salary wise

According to a survey conducted by  in the top ten graduate degrees in colleges all over the world,more than half of them were engineering degrees with Petroleum engineering taking the top spot.

From this list shown here most of the top engineering courses are part of Chemical Engineering syllabus here in India.Most IITs or NITs offer these B.Tech degrees and doing a Chemical Engineering degree from IIT has a worldwide recognition and you will get a job anywhere in world with that degree.

This the average annual salaries of courses:

Best Engineering Courses and Branches


Best engineering according to demand of engineers in gulf countries

For many of you reading this,let me tell you that i know many engineering pass out students who went to gulf countries and got very good packages.The reason for this is that there is a sudden increase in development in both the infrastructure as well as oil drilling and refining sectors.

Because of this there is a tremendous demand for engineers in the middle east even though they have their own engineering colleges that teach in arabic,the curriculum is not as good as that of our Indian engineering colleges or even that of B.S colleges in U.S.

As you an see from the picture below,the number one engineering course in demand is Civil Engineering because of the rampant development of desert land into cities.


Best Engineering Courses and Branches

The most demand city-wise all over the middle east is given below.Both The top two cities belong to the United Arab Emirates showing the need for engineers and science professionals.This is due to the fact that vast portions of the dessert are being converted in to urban cities.

Best Engineering courses in the U.S

For all you students that want to pursue M.S in America after completing your graduation B.E /B.Tech degree here in India.By looking at this graph below you can see the oldest three engineering steams which are mechanical,civil and electrical are the most sought after engineering degrees even today,150 years after they were first invented.

This may come as a shock to most people who think that computers and I.T branches are most in demand.”Ill tell you the reason for this.

In India,we have a separate degree for Computers /I.T and have given it a B.E / B.Tech course four years long.In the U.S there are many different college programs / courses that teach different aspects of computer languages/technology.This is called Computer Science in U.S.This is the reason it is not technically an “engineering degree”.

Best Engineering Courses and Branches

List of 7 best Engineering Courses and Branches

The six important points that i want to make clear while choosing this list of best engineering courses and branches is that they are chosen with respect to:


1.How easy/hard it is to clear the subjects of this particular stream.

2.What are the placement opportunities available for that particular course.

3.What are the future prospects of that engineering branch

4.What current job offers and CTC is the going rate (salary) for that branch.

5.How viable it is with respect to going abroad after doing that course.

6.Who are the employers that are looking to recruit for that field and what salary are the offering to freshers.

1.Information Technology Engineering

Best Engineering Courses and Branches

My first choice hast to be I.T Engineering and this stream is relatively new having being introduced only just over 10 years back.The future of our generation is the offshoot of the internet.

The biggest companies in the world today are I.T companies and dot coms.It is slowly taking over all the other traditional businesses and the scope for I.T engineers has never been higher.

As an I.T engineer,not only will you have a good chance of working for a dot com or app based startup,but you will also get employment in financial institutions,software company or any other place that does business online or uses a system network to function.

I.T Engineering course in College – Most of the subjects taught in college have many common subject with that of computer engineering course.B.E Computers and B.E IT share about 60-70% of the same syllabus.

The first year is common for all branches is quite hard,but if you have a good aptitude for computers and internet,then the second year,third semester onwards is much easier than the first year.

I.T Engineering job scope and salary – The biggest startups and dot coms will hire you if you are a degree holder in I.T Engineering like Flipkart,Swiggy,Amazon,Accenture,TCS etc.You can expect to earn a starting salary of atleast Rs.28,000 per month as a fresher.

Famous Recruiters for I.T Engineers

2.Swiggy app

3.SAP labs

4.J.P Morgan





Skills required by recruiters for I.T Engineers:

These are a few skills that you should know if you want to be hired as an Information Technology Engineer by the best companies in the business.

1.Mobile Application Development

2.Web Applications

3.Enterprise Applications,

4.Big Data & Cloud Applications

5.Good experience in Ruby on Rails

6.Should have hands on experience in working in Service Oriented frameworks

7.Knowledge about web services like REST API, JSON

8.Must have good knowledge of working with MySQL and MS SQL

9.Security engineering, system and network security, authentication and security protocols, applied cryptography, and application security

10.Linux based operating systems.

11.Good Understanding and Hands on HTTP as a Protocol Networking

12.Excellent skills on TCP/IP, SSL, Port Mapping, Scripting Skills – Bash, Shell, Python preferable Load Balancers

13 Understanding of commercial solutions like AWS ELB/ALB is a plus

14.Good understanding and implementation skills of Commercial/ Open Source HTTP/Web Application Firewalls.

2.Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering

Do you know the actual reason Reliance Jio Started?Do yo know the top 5 biggest companies in India by Market Capitalization?Im sure many of you know that Reliance Industries,ONGC,Hindustan Unilver Lever is in the top 5,but also Bharati Airtel is there.

Reliance until now never went into the Telecom sector,but after seeing Bharati Airtel cross the 200,000 crore Market cap mark made them also want to compete with them,and this started JIO.

Such is the power of the telecom industry,and thats why it is the future of our generation after I.T Engineering and this is why it so much in demand.

Course in college : EXTC as short for Electronics and Telecommunications engineering has eight semesters,of which the first year is common for all students.

The other three years has some subjects common with ETRX (Electronics engineering) and also ELEC ( Electrical engineering). Other branches have just one subject of PCOM /DCOM which is principles of communication and digital communication.This subject is taught in detail over three semesters in EXTC branch.It is a very interesting branch and you learn alot of about mobile phone technology and television technology.Even the practicals are fun.On the whole it is not a hard branch of engineering and you can clear it with minimum ATKTs.

Top Recruiters for Telecommunications engineering in India



3.Reliance Jio






9.Bharati Airtel

Skills you need as an Electronics & Telecom Engineer

1.Application development (e.g., Java, JavaScript, EJB, XML, XSD, XSLT)

2.RDBMS (e.g., MS-SQL Server, Oracle)

3.Angular 5 o Javascript o MongoDB o UML

4.IT, Networking and Telecom Technologies – GPON, VoIP, IMS, IPTV, CarrierEthernet, OpenFlow, SD-WAN, OpenStack, xDSL, Cloud, OpenId Connect, SAML/OATH, PacketCable, DOCSIS, SDN/NFV, 4G, 5G


3.Computer Engineering

In the 90s before the dot com boom computer engineering was the number one branch in engineering to join.Software companies were hiring engineers at good salaries.One problem that exists with respect this is that there are also “software engineers” who are not B.E or B.Tech graduates but simply those who join classes to learn programming like NIIT or Aptech.

Software majors like Accenture,Infosys,Wipro also hire these software engineers as they are called and so this is competition for genuine computer engineers.

But even today there is good scope for computer engineering in India as well as western countries and you can expect a salary of atleast $75000 per annum if you are in USA.

Computer engineering course in College : If you fo B.E in Computers,it is not hard.In fact it is one of the easiest engineering courses from all the other branches.

In US,it is not even considered an engineering degree,more of a science.Lots of my females friends have joined computer engineering because it does not involve much field work or site visits or plant and industrial only need to work from behind your computer screen and check for bugs or write code.

Also it is not very technical as compared to other branches and you do not require a very scientific based mind to clear the four year degree course.

Except for the first year that is common and contains all the dangerous subjects,the second third and fourth year are not that hard.There are few common subjects that you will encounter with other branches but the only HARD subject is microprocessor.It contains lots of programming and flowcharts and is a sure shot ATKT if not tackled properly.What makes it worse,is that computer branch has this for 3 semesters!!! whereas other branches only have MP1 , computers has MP1,MP2,MP3.



Skills Computer Engineers should learn in order to get hired

1.To Should know how to design, develop, optimize, debug

2.Technical competency of JCL, MVS, UNIX, LINUX, CONTROL- M, Service Manager, IM, SMS

3.In depth understanding of Windows or Linux device drivers, PC architecture and ability to work close to the hardware.

4.Proficient in C/C++ with strong software development, optimization and analytical skills

5.Strong debugging skills and extensive experience using gdb/kgdb/windbg to analyze complex pieces of software.

6.Strong articulation skills for crafting and improving technical documents

7.Experience with Agile Methodologies. Scrum Certification a plus

8.Familiarity with computer system architecture, microprocessor,

9.Knowledge of microcontroller fundamentals (caches, buses, memory controllers, DMA, etc)

Famous recruiters for Computer Engineers




4.SAP Labs

5.Tech Mahindra

6.Sasken Tech






4.Civil Engineering

Best Engineering Courses and Branches

More than in India,there is a huge requirement of civil engineers in Gulf countries.There is lot of construction going on especially in UAE where large parts of the desert land is converted into cities and towns.There is rampant infrastructure development opportunities there for Civil engineers.

It is one of the oldest engineering branches and as long as there will be development of roads,bridges and buildings,there will be a big demand for civil engineering.

1.L & T

2.Hiranandani construction

3.Shapoorji Pallonji

4.L & T Construction




8.Adhikari Brothers

Civil Engineering requirements

1.Knowledge in estimating, tendering and awarding of construction trades is desirable

2.Very good knowledge of all construction trades (Civil, Interior, Exterior)

3.Coordination with clients, specialist engineers and subcontractors

4.Must know Trimble Vico, CostX, RIB ITWO 5D, Revit QTO or similar Software applications, AutoCAD, MS-Excel

5.Successfully completed study of civil engineering or architecture

6. Knowledge in the field of quantity take-off, cost planning, tender documentation for industrial buildings, commercial facilities and office buildings

7.Site Experience

8.Basic knowledge of CAD/BIM program (ArchiCAD or Revit)



5.Agricultural Engineering

Im sure many of you might be surprised with this entry on my list,but let me tell you the reason for putting Agricultural engineering here.In the past there were lots of colleges that were giving this only as a B.Sc Agriculture course and because of this there was not much scope of it,but since the last  10 years many state university affiliated engineering colleges have introduced this as a B.E degree four year course.

This has shown that there is more demand for organized farming professionals who will be employed by AGRO companies in the supervision as well as management level.

In contrast,the B.Sc agriculture graduates will be more employed in research and development of agricultural products and produce.

What you will learn in agricultural engineering:

1.Soil and water engineering

2.Automated green house and irrigation

3.Food processing

4.Farm Machinery

The course itself in college is very easy to clear compared to other branches of engineering.It is offered at few universities across the nation,but is soon gaining recognition as a legitimate engineering course after Bsc in Agriculture.

If you remember studying EVS or environmental studies in school then this course is similar to that.It is a more in depth version of school science.

Some famous recruiters for agricultural engineers are:

1.Nature Agro

2.Hindustan Unilver


4.Mother Dairy

5.TATA Tea

6.Excel Crop Care

7.Satguna Agro Farms


9.Nestle agro

6.Electrical Engineering

I have alot to write about electrical engineering since it is my field that i had graduated in.Most of my friends re now working as electrical engineers and so i have a good amount of information that i collected from them regarding the job prospects and salary during their first job as a fresher.

There is a wide variety of jobs that you can do with this degree.Along with mechanical and civil branches,electrical is one of the oldest streams of engineering.As long as electrical power is used to fuel our cities and transport,you will have a good job,trust me on this.

There are many jobs even in the railways that only an electrical engineer can do, and you will have a big advantage over other candidates.

Electrical Engineering course in College – In each semester of the four year degree course there is one easy theory subject that you can clear.However in third and fourth semester there is Basic Electronics 1 and 2 which can be tricky as you need to solve numerical by referring electronic component tables.

There is maths for 5 semesters which is same for all branches and a difficult ADIC that comes in the fourth sem. Luckily there is only 1 microprocessor that is a killer subject and very hard to pass.Computer and IT branches have microprocessor 1,2,3.

Electrical machines and Control systems are the most important subjects and will help you further after getting a job.The only important practicals are those of Electrical Machines.

Skills to learn as an electrical engineer

1.Maintenance and knowledge of Alternator

2.Electrical System and Control System experience

3.Testing & Calibration of Protection equipment & Relays.

4.Trouble Shooting

5.Preparation of Electrical & Incident Reports.

6.Testing, Relay Setting of Micro Processor, Solid State / Electromechanical / Digital relays.

7.Design Software – Autocad

8.Statutory codes & standards: Knowledge of the following standards: Indian

9.Minimum Degree in Electrical Engineering from Indian University (UGC) approved) or from Overseas University.

10.Preparation of Electrical System design (LT, & preferably HT).

11.Preparation layouts, SLD.

12.Performing all Electrical Equipment Sizing Calculations.

13.Provide support to engineering specifically related to installation, operation, calibration, service

14.Should be proficient in diagnosing, troubleshooting, repairing and debugging electrical and mechanical equipment.

Famous REcruiters:


2.Indian Railways

3.Mumbai Metro



6.Emco Transformers

7.Bajaj Electric




7.Aeronautical Engineering

I have kept my favorite aeronautical /aerospace engineering  for last  with good reason.Never before has the advent of space exploration been so high.There are more satellites and payloads being launched and orbited by ISRO than there ever was.As far as ISRO is concerned they have grown so much in the last decade that they are now accepting bids from other countries and private companies to launch satellites,because they do it so cheap.

Besides ISRO,there is also SPACEX,Virgin,Amazon and even Microsoft’s Paul Allen who are in  space race to be the first to go to MArs as well as the first to start space tourism.

Now the hard part- Aeronautical Engineering is taught at few colleges all over India,including the IITs and Roorkee.

ISRO has its own entrance exam to get selected for various job posts related to different branches of engineering, not only aeronautical or aerospace.

Besides the space companies that will employ you,there is lots of scope in private airlines for aircraft maintenance and in the research and production divisions of aircraft manufacturing companies.

Aerospace / Aeronautical course in college – Unfortunately,this course is one of the hardest to pass compared to other branches of engineering.It is a mix of mechanical and electrical engineering subjects with strong focus on maths,physics and engineering drawing.

You have to have a strong eye for engineering mechanics,which is a first year subject and is one of the most difficult subject of the first year.You an expect a more elaborate version of this throughout your four years of doing this course.

Famous recruiters for Aeronautical / Aerospace engineers



3.HAL – Hindustan Aeronautics

4.Ramco Aviation

5.Mahindra Aerospace



8.Air India


10.Acumen Aviation

11.Drone Aerospace Systems



From all the aspects that are important from a point of Job scope,career abroad or here in India,as well as how easy the subject is to clear at college level.Also how easy placements are and job satisfaction.These are the points we have considered and presented those 7 best courses and branches of engineering.


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