GNM (General Nursing and Midwifery)


GNM (General Nursing and Midwifery) – Just like in the previous article i had given you all the information regarding B.Sc nursing.For those who do not want to go in for that bachelors course after class 12,there is another option of GNM which is an easier version of B.Sc Nursing.It is a Diploma course and just like B.Sc Nursing is regulated by the Indian Nursing Council – INC.

While you are doing your GNM course,some of the thing you will learn are – how to take care of patients and give them proper dosage of medicines according to their prescriptions or bedside charts.Other objectives of this course will patient care,healthcare and clinical practice.


B.Sc. Nursing | Course Details

What is Midwifery?

Midwifery is a specialty nursing healthcare branch that trains nurses to deal with all procedures related to childbirth and post delivery care they help with the entire pregnancy period.


GNM vs B.Sc Nursing

Both have similar goals of training however the advantage B.Sc Nursing has over GNM Diploma is that it is after all a graduation course and you become a graduate after doing it.

Many people do the GNM course and then add a B.Sc course to it later on.

Also the B.Sc course is slightly longer compared to the GNM and provides a more indepth education and focuses more on theory,whereas the GNM is vocational course and  focuses more on the practical aspects of Nursing.

The biggest advantage of GNM is the midwife sub course that you are getting prepared for.It is a separate specialization,and due to this,you will be paid more than other who do not have this training. 


  • Age should be minimum 17 years not less
  • Only female students can apply who are mentally and physically fit enough to do the course
  • Need to have done class 12 in science with atleast 40% average marks in the board exam. However some colleges accept candidates from non science backgrounds.

If you are from a science stream,it will be beneficial,because some colleges ask for an entrance test to be given,and these will have questions from all science and maths subjects as well.

GNM Course and subjects syllabus

For the three years of the GNM course there will be internal as well as external examinations.You need to score 50% in these exams to get to the next year.

Some of the subjects that you will study are:

First Year
S.N. Subject
01. Biological Science (Anatomy, Physiology and Microbiology)
02. Behavioral Science (Psychology and Sociology)
03. Fundamentals of Nursing and First Aid
04. Community Health Nursing with Environmental Hygiene Health Education and Communication Skills, and Nutrition
05. English
06. Computer Education
07. Co-curricular activities
Total Hours
Second Year
S.N. Subject
01. Medical Surgical Nursing I
02. Medical Surgical Nursing II
03. Mental Health Nursing
04. Child Health Nursing
05. Co-curricular activities
Total Hours
Third Year Part-I
S.N. Subject
01. Midwifery and Gynaecology
02. Community Health Nursing II
03. Co-curricular
Total Hours
Third Year-II (Integrated Supervised Internship)
S.N. Subject
01. Nursing Education
02. Introduction to Research and Statistics
03. Professional Trends and Adjustment
04. Administration and Ward Management
Total Hours



The most important part of the GNM course is the actual on job training after you complete the 3 years college training.This internship has the following criteria and you need to clock these minimum hours in each department in order to successfully complete the Diploma.

Clinical Areas
Clinical Hours
Medical Surgical Nursing
Community Health Nursing
Child Health Nursing
Midwifery and Gynaecological Nursing
Mental Health Nursing


Future career and job scope

Just like a B.Sc nursing,a GNM nurse also is a fully qualified and trained nurse capable of doing all nursing duties and can command a high salary.

This is a very specialized job and even a fresher is paid atleast Rs.25,000 a month.

Home care nurses who visit ailing peoples homes and provide daily services can be paid atleast Rs.1000 per day.

Some of the jobs you could land are:

  • Staff Nurse
  • OT Nurse
  • Cath Lab and Cardiac Nursing
  • Home Care Nurse
  • ICU Nurse


Some of the skills recruiters are looking for:

  • Reporting of patients condition to doctor in charge regularly
  • Knowledge of life rescuitating procedures
  • Discharge procedures
  • Knowledge of awareness and risks of infections and modes of transmission
  • Administration of IV fluids,medicines and blood transfusions



Doing a GNM course is a great way to get hands on experience directly in the industry.It is more geared towards actual practical nursing compared to a B.Sc,also it is way cheaper.

As mentioned before,the main advantage of the GNM course is the Midwife training that other nursing graduates do not get.

A good suggestion is to veer your career towards this specialization it will be more financially rewarding.

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