B.Sc. Nursing | Course Details


B.Sc. Nursing | Course Details – Bachelor of Science in Nursing is a B.Sc degree that lasts for four years after class 12.You need to have a good score in PCB subjects in order to be eligible for admission into this course.The most important aspect to keep in while joining a nursing course in India is to check whether the college is affiliated to and recognized by the INC – or Indian Nursing Council that is the regulatory body for Nursing in India.

Some of the other professional healthcare courses you can pursue are:


B.Sc. Nursing | Course Details

Duties of a nurse:

  • Administration of medicines with proper dosage to patient according to chart
  • Assisting ward in charge with everyday management of the ward
  • Meet relatives of patients and discuss patients progress with them
  • Caring for the patient and monitoring the status of the patient

Disadvantages of a nurse job

It is not my intention to dissuade anyone from joining up for this course,but still i thought it would be good to share some points.

  • Rotational shift – You can be called to do your 8 hour shift anytime during the day or night.You will even get the full night duty sometimes so be prepared for it.
  • You need to be on your toes for most of the time checking on patients.Even if they buzz you 10 times in a 2 hour period,you have to go and attend to them,even if it a small problem.
  • Dealing with trauma patients,terminally ill patients and other sick patients all throughout the day.This is a harsh reality that you will have deal with and endure.
  • You will be many times be exposed to viral and carrier diseases,even if you are well insulated with protection gear.

ELIGIBILTY for B.Sc Nursing

Many colleges and universities have their own set of criteria,but these are the most common factors common in all :

  • Must have done PCB – Physic,Chemistry and Biology in class 12 from a recognized board with minimum 50% marks
  • Should have good mental endurance and should be physically fit to take on the job,because there is alot of work that requires you to stand for long periods of time
  • Should be atleast 17 years of age when starting off the course

FEES of B.Sc Nursing course

Most Public colleges charge approximately Rs.50,000-Rs.60,000 per year for the course.Since this course is 4 years long,this works out to about Rs.2,50,000 maximum inclusive of all other admission fees etc.

Private institutes like Sikkim Manipal University charge about Rs 60,000 per semester,which works out to almost 5 lacs only for tuition fees for the entire 4 year course.

SUBJECTS and COURSE Structure of B.Sc Nursing


Some of the subject you will learn in B.Sc Nursing during its 4 year tenure are:

First Year: Nursing Foundations, Anatomy, Physiology, Nutrition, Biochemistry, Microbiology,Psychology, English and Introduction to Computers.

Second Year: Pharmacology, Pathology & Genetics, Medical-Surgical Nursing I, Community Health Nursing I, Communication & Educational Technology, Sociology.

Third Year: Medical-Surgical Nursing II, Child Health Nursing, Mental Health Nursing, Midwifery and Obstetrical Nursing.

Fourth Year: Midwifery and Obstetrical Nursing, Community Health Nursing II Nursing Research & Statistics, Management of Nursing Services & Ed.


B.Sc Nursing Future Career and job

After browsing through many of the job positions available for B.Sc Nursing graduates,i have come up with the following skills you need to have learnt in order to get employment in a nursing job in India.

Skills employers are looking for in B.Sc Nursing Graduates

  • Know the admission and discharge process well
  • Know how to maintain the daily investigation chart
  • Reading of patients bedside drug chart
  • Knowledge of all aseptic techniques and procedures
  • Check on patients needs and attend to them accordingly

After doing B.Sc Nursing,some of the designations you will be hired for are:

  • Clinical Nurse
  • Educator in Nursing
  • Researcher in Nursing
  • Surgical Nursing
  • O.T Nuring
  • Critical Care Nursing
  • Child Health Nursing


Some of the places where you can be employed are:

  • Government hospitals
  • Private clinics and hospitals
  • Community settings
  • Army/Railway/Navy Nurses
  • Educational institution nurses

Salary of a nurse after doing Bs.c Nursing

A fully registered qualified nurse can easily earn atleast Rs.25,000-Rs.32,000 per month starting salary as a staff nurse.The opportunities are excellent and the low competition of this profession are very less.

Infact mostly the candidates opting for nurse jobs are from the southern states of Karnataka,Tamil Nadu and Goa.Also there is a high concentration of christian nursing colleges all over south India that train students specifically only for these nursing courses.

This is an advertisement for a coding job,but asking for B.Sc Nursing graduates. Similar job offers for staff nurses also offer starting salaries in the 2.5 lac on wards range.

B.Sc. Nursing | Course Details



A personal experience of mine – I know a parsi lady who works as nurse in England.Her family live here in Mumbai and she earns so well,that her son and daughter (both about 22-24 years old) don’t need to work as she sends so much money home to them.Of course she has lots of years of experience in her field,but even freshers earns loads of money,and are only second to doctors in a hospital.

If you plan on using your nursing skills abroad,you will earn even more.You will be part of an elite industry of healthcare professionals.Yours highly specialized skills will be greatly rewarded.In First world countries like Canada and UK you will earn a small fortune.

Check this job below of an ad i found for nurse jobs all over the world.The starting salary is more than 1 lac rupees a month,not counting other perks.

B.Sc. Nursing | Course Details

What after B.Sc Nursing?

You can always take up a masters degree either in a field related to nursing or any other paramedical course of the medical fraternity.

If you want to shift your focus from the service side of nursing and move onto the management  side of it then,you can pursue an MBA in Hospital Administration.This way you can still work in the same sector,only your duties will be different.

Other degrees you can pursue after  doing B.Sc Nursing are M.PHil and PHd









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