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Hair care tips at home naturally– The best hair care is home care. Let that be your motto. Quick fix solutions can be taken care of at the parlor, but long lasting and reliable outcomes will only happen with natural methods. Some ways that you can groom your scalp to stop hair falling out at home is discussed in our article here.

There are thousands of articles that will give you an endless list of ingredients that are good for your hair health, however i wont waste your time with those, those huge lists are baseless and confusing. How do you know which is the best? are you going to go try them all one at a time and then see the results? of course not. Let me make it simple and concise, the best tried and tested naturally occurring fruits of nature that can be you best Hair care tips at home naturally. These fall into 4 broad categories that i would like to recommend namely:

1.Natural Acids

2.Natural Roots

3.Natural Oils

4.Yellows and Whites

Hair care tips at home naturally

Natural Acids-Apple cider vinegar, Lemon juice,Herbal Teas

Hair care tips at home naturallyNot as corrosive as chemically synthesized  acids but to a certain extent yes, so it would be wise to keep this in mind before rubbing it in to your scalp. Like other natural ingredients, natural acids can be easily squeezed from citrus fruits that are both inexpensive and available in abundance. Here the three best fruits to juice up are Lemon or Orange juice,apple cider vinegar and herbal green tea.I have included the herbal organic variant of green tea as it has great anti oxidizing properties as well. Apple cider vinegar is one of the mildest acidic content liquids out there and is a great substitute if you do not have lemon juice.Apply this natural acid to the root of the hair follicle and rinse after 30 minutes.

Hair care tips at home naturallyNatural Root juices – Onion juice, Potato juice, Ginger juice.

One of the most potent natural medicines for different ailments since a thousand years are roots.They have miraculous healing properties for a wide spectrum of illnesses. We can use that same healing touch for our hair too. Even though Onions and ginger might come across as abrasive in nature, they can also give a feeling of heat when applied to any part of the body. for application to the scalp and roots of the hair, you need to juice the onions, potato and ginger together and drain the extract. Then mix it with a little shampoo and apply. Let it rest for a short time, maybe 15 minutes, any longer and it might tend to become itchy and feel uncomfortable. This works wonders, and can be washed off after 15 minutes. Remember to apply a sweet smelling shampoo when washing as these root juices can cause extreme odor if not washed correctly.

Hair care tips at home naturallyNatural oils – Almond oil, Olive oil

Since time immemorial, coconut oil has been associated with a thick healthy mane and lustrous locks, however in this instance i am going to give credit to Almond and olive oils. We all know that coconut oil if ingested internally is one of the worst natural liquid fats you can consume. It is extremely unhealthy and has the highest level of trans fats in naturally occurring oils. Even though it is being applied externally, compared to almond and olive oil, that are more silkier and subtle. Coconut oil is way too greasy and it will take you 2-3 washes to get rid off totally. Almond oil also gives a nice shine to the hair after a blow dry.

Hair care tips at home naturallyYellow and Whites – Beer, Egg

This definitely has to be the most controversial of the lot. The reason it is last on my list is because beer is not 100% natural, though it is made of barley/ hops. the results from this hair experiment involving both eggs and beer is mixed. Egg whites with a small percentage of yellow scrambled well and thickly applied like a butter over the scalp is kept to rest for 20-25 minutes until it is thoroughly washed off with a mild shampoo. Two reasons why this method is not favored. 1.Raw eggs have a distinct smell, especially after letting it rest for 20 minutes and 2.It can be difficult to wash off as after it thickens, it almost hardens over the scalp, while intensely rubbing it off, some people tend to scratch the scalp and in the process weakening the base of the follicle.



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