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Health is Wealth – Essay | Paragraph | Speech -This short article on health is wealth can also be used as an essay or a paragraph/ speech.  Health is wealth is an old proverb that has meaning passed on for generations, and we have heard it from our grandparents and now from our parents.But what is the meaning of it?In simple terms, putting a dollar value to it, it means you cannot be a rich person and think your dollars are going to buy you health by doing nothing.If you are healthy, you are a millionaire, figuratively . If you dont have good health you are a poor person, because we still have not come so far technologically to be 100% free from viruses and disease. We have to do intense cardio, yoga for meditation and health or some form of exercise because even those booster flu shots are not enough to prevent us from catching the 1 million diseases there are.

Generally as youngsters this is often ignored as all kids find happiness in small things.They do not have worries and bills to pay, but as you grow older, responsibilities increase and along with that stress increases too.We find less time for ourselves as we grow older,and focus more on our families and jobs,as a result we tend to ignore our health. We do not exercise and this adversely affects our health without realizing it. It only comes to light when we fall sick as a result of this and our medical healthcare provider or doctor tells us that we need to exercise more, eat a healthier diet to maintain a perfect picture of health.

Health is Wealth proverb meaning

At some point of time you might have heard your grandparents or an aunt or uncle tell you about health is wealth.It is a great compliment that has been used since a hundred years.It means that if you are healthy and happy then that is the single most important thing in your life that is of any consequence.Money can, upto some extent buy happiness, but even the richest man in the world will get sick, his riches cannot protect him from disease.So, if you are healthy you can “figuratively speaking” be richer than the a millionaire who is sick.

Ailments that can affect us 

Anyone above the age of 40 should be cautious of their diet and should make exercise an important part of daily life.Lack of proper exercise can lead to heart ailments,obesity,hypertension and diabetes. These are easier to avoid totally rather than try and cure them later after being afflicted with it.In a rather vicious circle, these ailments come about when we are less happy, and as a result we end up getting sick and getting even more depressed and unhappy. To save yourself from this circle, the key is happiness!

love happiness prosperity 

In the real world wealth is a monetary system of money, it can help you lead a good healthy life and it can give happiness. Often happiness and prosperity go together and also compliment each other.We can say the real currency of the heart is love, its what keeps us vibrant and gives us a feeling to being wanted.Love happiness prosperity are a three word phrase and complete each other. In the context of health wealth, this is ideal.

Health is Wealth – In the old world

As before,what our fore father told us was a simple proverb and it didn’t have any underlying meaning associated with it. Wealth was not considered as important as it is today, and health was given more importance.If you lived to a ripe age of 70, it was a long and eventful life.Things have changed a lot in modern times.

health is wealth
modern wellness center







Health is Wealth – in the new world

A new term i have been hearing since the last few years is a happiness center or also called as a wellness centre. I would like to think of it as a combination of a gymnasium where fitness trainers teach you cardio vascular exercises, a few dance moves and all around aerobics. Added to this is a plush juice bar where they serve you healthy and refreshing fruit smoothies,vegetable juices and low calorie breakfast dishes.Its an indoor recreational activity center that caters to people of all ages.What makes it fun is the social element that is added to it, where everyone knows each other and is keeping track of everyone’s fitness level progress.

health is wealth
healthy heart diet







scientific and medical benefits of health is wealth

Talking about the new age happiness clinics, wellness centers or happiness centers these provide a good outlet to get a good early morning workout and also introduces you to a brand new diet that is both beneficial to your physical prowess as well as it makes you feel nourished and light the entire day.The more cardio vascular exercises you do, the better it is for the body, and it is a proven thing that if you are in good physical health then your mental health also benefits, and this in turn relaxes you, lowers blood pressure,nullifies stress and gives you a healthy heart.




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