High Furtados Review – Music learning android app

High Furtados Review – Music learning android app – This app is a new venture by the people behind the Furtados School of music.As written in my previous review on Furtados school of music that partners with various educational institutions all over India and provides music classes to students of that particular school.

High Furtados Review

As High Furtados is still new you can see on Play store it has only 1000 odd downloads till date but with a good average score.It is very easy to use.On the first screen you will get the 5 instruments/vocal  from which you want to learn.Simply choose one and go to the next page.


High Furtados Review


On the next screen you can choose your city,area and were you would like to learn – at your own place or at the teachers.It is clearly written that if you visit the teacher the fee will be less compared to if the class was in your own home.Also if you choose a group class it will be cheaper compared to individual.

High Furtados Review

High furtados fees

After selecting your instrument you want to learn and choose your location city and area,you can either get a teacher assigned at random or go and see the full list of teachers.This is better as you can check the bio of each teacher,age and skill level.

High Furtados Review

Each teacher is classified into 3 main level categories – Foundation,Pro and Elite. Meaning beginner level,mid level and high diploma level.Depending on what music education you have from before or if you are just a beginner,you can choose a teacher according to these levels.OF course the higher the level the more are the fees:


Foundation Level Teachers – fees tarting from  approx. 400 per class

Pro Level – 500 per class

Elite level – 2000 class

There is something called as a trial session – This is the first class that you take,it may either be paid or free depending on the teacher.It is a trial lesson to see if you and the teacher are compatible.If you do not like the teacher or the other way around then you can simply choose another teacher.


There are three main payment plans that you can choose.

FLEXI PLAN – This is for minimum 4 classes and maximum 10 classes.Its good to take if you just want a feel of the classes and are not 100% sure you may want to continue later.

ROCKSTAR PLAN – In this plan you can actually learn full music pieces and is a good way to get into the groove of things and start a good music education.You need to give exams but just some songs and have fun.

CERTIFICATE PLAN – This is the plan you need to take if you want to give a FSM – Furtados School of Music examination or a Trinity Exam.They say that you need atleast 36 classes to give one grade exam,maybe more or less depending on the grade and your skill level.However even if you do not take the certificate course and the individual classes,you can be trained separately with eight extra classes in order to enroll for FSM exams.


How is High Furtados different from Furtados School of Music

Very simply put,FSM Furtados school of music is tied up with schools in major cities and those student of the school can avail of FSM classes in the school premises itself after regular class hours.This is ONLY for these school kids. However in the Furtados High app, anyone of any age can avail music classes either at their home or at the teacher home.

Both use the Music buddy app to arrange classes,check scores and progress of students.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Furtados High app

1.The app itself is excellent and very easy to use.There is great choice with the music teachers and their professional biography is available to the pubic before you make a decision.

2.Its very convenient to track progress with the music buddy app.

3.Many of the teachers are not experienced enough to send students for Trinity College exams or ABRSM – Royal School exams.As far as FSM exams are concerned it maybe ok by just taking those extra classes to meet the requirements of the FSM exams. Trinity and ABRSM are a whole different ball game.I have given 10 trinity exams so far and let me tell you it takes almost a full year to prepare for each grade.

Even the Certificate course allows you to train separately towards Trinity exams but that depends on how qualified and experienced that teacher is.

4.This app is good if you are just starting out and dont have a clue to learning music.Treat it like a hobby,use the app,and if you lose interest along the way after a few classes just stop there by taking a flexi plan.

Syllabus/ Curriculum

The Curriculum for Drums, Keyboards & Guitar is the Rock & Pop Curriculum.

The Curriculum for Piano is the Faber Piano Adventures Curriculum which is grounded in Western Classical Style.


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