How to become an airhostess


How to become an airhostess – I have two cousins who are in airline jobs,both started out as air stewards and now even are on the recruiting panel of a major airline.I once had a conversation with him and asked what are the prime requirements that airlines look for when recruiting males and females for cabin crew positions:

How to become an airhostess – Qualifications/requirements/eligibility

1.Good face without scars – Any sort of blemishes and scars anywhere near the face is strictly not permitted with a good features.If you look good your chances are almost 100% or getting selected

2.Medium height and arm reach – A height of about 5.2 or 5.3 minimum s required for females and males is about 5.75.Also you cannot have short arms because you need to help passengers put cabin baggage in the overhead storage bins.

3.Excellent conversational skills – You need to have a good warm personality and be able to converse well in both English and Hindi

4.Education – Many airlines ask for minimum 10+2 level of education but some nowadays are even accepting 10th pass.

5.Courses – If you have a certificate from a flying institute then your chances are greatly increased of getting selected.

6.Eyesight – Earlier 6/6 vision was required without the use of contact lenses,but now moderate vision is allowed.

7.BMI – Strict rules regarding weight is always a deciding factor even after you join the airline.Regular checks on weight and BMI are carried out every 6 months.Good proportion of height and weight is required.

8.Age – Maximum age for new entrants is set at 28 years for most airlines ,while there is no age restriction for experienced crew.Also many airlines prefer unmarried candidates as freshers.

9.Language and Swimming – If you have knowledge of an international language like french or German etc, you get added points.Also if you know how to swim its an advantage.

Do Airline companies charge bond money?

Bond or earnest money is taken by a few airlines.After you get your offer letter and are set to start your training,you will be required to pay a deposit money of about Rs.50,000-Rs.75000 depending on the airline.This is because lots of trainees learn the course and then shift to another airline while getting free training.The training that the airline provides is costly,its same like what you would pay at an institute like Frankfinn. The airline goes into a loss when this happens,this is the reason they charge a refundable deposit as bond money and after few months they release it back in installments into your monthly salary.

How to become an airhostess

What are advantages of becoming an airhostess?

1.Travel – you get to see the entire world for free if you are with an International Airline.If you wanted to buy a ticket to any foreign location it will cost atleast Rs.35,000-Rs.95,000 for each trip.You will get all that for free every 3 days or so.Imagine how jealous your friends will be.

2. Accommodation – You living expenses are totally taken care of by the airline and they house the entire crew and pilots in 5 star accommodation in foreign countries whenever you land or have a layover.

3.Tickets – For your immediate family (vertical) you can fly them for free once a year to any International destination.This includes your parents or children if any.

4.Salary – Besides the perks you get in the job,the salary can range from anywhere from Rs.35000 onward to a lac a month for experienced air hostesses.

What are disadvantages of air hostess job?

1.Clock – The worst part of this job is that your sleep pattern is ruined.For local as well as International flights,the timings for the flights are all around the clock even in the middle of the night.You have no sense of night and day and call be called for any flight according to the roster.this is worse in the case of International flights as not only could you get a flight at an odd time,but due to jet lag and time difference this becomes all the more difficult.

2.Weight – You need to constantly maintain your weight and looks.At regular intervals you will be weighed and if you increase your weight too much then you will be grounded.This happened to a friend of mine when her BMI increased.Also besides weight you have to apply make up every single day during flights,even if it at 4 in the morning this regular use of makeup for long hours has a bad effect on your skin and complexion.

How to become an airhostess
Real job offer for air hostess

What duties and responsibilities will you have?

1.Attending to passengers and serving them food and beverages.

2.Helping passengers with loading baggage in overhead storage bins and showing them to their seats at time of boarding.

3.Making the passenger feel overall comfortable.

What formal degrees can i get to become an airhostess?

Even though you do not need any degrees,this might prove to be an added advantage in the long run,but will not guarantee you a job if you do not satisfy the main conditions above some of these are:


Diploma in Air Hostess Training

Diploma in Aviation and Hospitality Management

Diploma in Hospitality and Travel Management

Certificate course in Aviation Management

Certificate course in Air Hostess Management

Certificate course in Air Hostess Training

B.Sc. in Air Hostess Training

B.Sc in Hospitality and Travel Management

B.Sc of Travel and Tourism Management

How to become an airhostess

What are the best air hostess training institutes?

Should you join an air hostess academy?This is an important question because these courses are expensive.The advantage you get over other candidates are:

1.You get a full training in all aspects of cabin crew management, compared to other fresher candidates who wont have any knowledge of the industry.

2.Many training institutes have a setting done with hr management of the airline companies and it is much easier to get the job through the institute compared to go as a walk in




3.Inspire Academy

4.APT Advantage

5.AlRoz Aviation

6.Flying Queen

7.Panache Academy

8.Cloud 9





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