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Arts Stream After 10th – Subjects | Job | Courses | Classes – If you ever wondered why the Arts stream is called so in Junior College?It is nothing to do with performing arts or visual arts but maybe a bit of Literary arts.It is a huge umbrella term for all creative courses. Today’s job,career and salary prospects are the highest for people in this field.The main advantage for you to opt for this course is that after 10th 11th and 12th class you can do absolutely anything after 12th boards.In the case of science and commerce students,their options are very limited,but as an Arts student you have hundreds of different choices like Law,Chef Training,  Fashion, Journalism, Economics, Interior Design etc.The list is endless.

Arts Stream After 10th

One more major thing that i noticed in most Arts Stream classes is that there is always majority of girls and less guys,maybe 75:25. If you are a guy,i URGE you not to feel ashamed to join Arts, just because all you other guy friends are taking Commerce or Science. Be your own boss of your destiny,do what you love,else you will always have regrets later on your career.Also you will NEVER excel at something you dont love.

Careers after doing Arts :

After your 10th boards when you take up 11th and 12th standard Arts stream you need to give the Board Examination at the 10+2 level.After this you have a wide array of options in all types of fields to choose your career from some of them are:

1.Hotel Management and Hospitality – If you want to go in for any course realted to hotels,restaurants or the travel and tourism industry,you can do Arts in junior college and from there give the entrance exam for IHM or any other leading catering college.I had given this exam and passed it, but one thing to remember is that this entrance exam has some science questions in it.They are simple questions for a 12th science student,but for arts student it will be hard.BUT there are other sections in the entrance test that you can score in and make up for what you dont know in the science section.

2.Professional Musician –  Since reality shows like Indian Idol have come up,there is ALOT of scope for a career in music which you can pursue after doing Arts in junior college.For learning an instrument and getting a formal degreein it you can try the Trinity College Exams.These also offer vocal exams in all kinds of music like rock,pop,jazz etc

3.Import Export Course – If you have interest related to shipping and sea,you can join these short term courses after completing you r 12th science or commerce needed.

4.Fashion Design – This needs no introduction.After 12th Arts you can give the entrance test for some of the best institutes in the country.If you have a flair for drawing,arts and craft then give this a shot.Most are diploma courses or certificate courses.

5.Civil Services  – One of the most cought after exams in the country,its has thousand of vacancies every year for all types of postings starting from Administration, Police, Defence,Revenue,Postal, Railways just to name a few.This Government examination gives you a big head start and a high ranking in a Government service job.

6.BPO – Everyone looks down upon call centers becuase they think it is not a good career option.However if you make progress in the industry you can also shift to Quality Control and Managerial Level positions that are very high paying.

7.Study Abroad – Arts is a great stepping stone to go abroad.This is because after 12th if you want to apply for a course abroad,there is more scope and options in the subjects to take for a Arts student than a Science.Also in Western countries more people opt for Arts subjects rather than technical and engineering courses.

How hard is the course?

The course consists of 6 subjects per year and while everyone says it is the easiest from Science and Commerce.However you have to remember that Science and commerce are very scoring because they have lots of maths and all papers are objective.In Arts the papers are all lengthy and subjective,which makes it difficult to score.

Arts Stream Meaning

The meaning of Arts Stream is a very diverse and broad term that includes all types of subjects like Sociology,Psychology,History English Literature,Political Science etc. Note – There are NO subject that deal with Performing Arts,Acting,Singing,Painting,Art and Craft.So do not get confused. {At Undergraduate level there is a painting course and music course-look below}

Arts Stream After 10th Subjects list

After you do your 10th boards from either ICSE,CBSE,IB or SSC, next you need to do your Junior college or Junior High school in 11th and 12th standard and give the 12th boards again in either HSC,CBSE or IB.

The subjects for 11th and 12th standard Arts consists of 3 compulsory subjects and 3 optional subject groups.The optional subjects have a choice of 3 groups,you can choose any 1 group.Total 6 subjects in each year.

11th Standard Arts Stream Subjects course

Best Arts Stream Colleges city wise:

New Delhi
Gargi College
Delhi College of Arts and Commerce
Kirori Mal
Ramjas College
Hansraj College, Delhi
Sri Venkateswara College
Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi 8. Hindu College, New Delhi
Miranda House
Indraprashta College for Women
Maharaja Arasen
Kamla Nehru College for Women

Chennai / Madras
Stella Maris
loyola chenna
Womens Christian College
Madras Christian College

christ univ bangalore
Mount Carmel College
Kristu Jayanti College, Bangalore
Oford College ofArts


st xavier smumbai
K.J Somaiya College of Arts and Commerce
S.K Somiaya colege of arts and Commerce

Sophia College for Women
Mithibai College of Arts

Future of the Arts Stream

After you do your 12th Arts from a Junior college there is huge list of possibilities and B.A courses that you can do,that are very different from Arts subjects.This is one of the reason i said there is so much broad scope in Arts Stream.These are some of the future possibilities you can explore:

1.BA in Education
2.BA in Drawing and Painting
3.BA in Journalism
4.BA in Mathematics
5.BA in Economic
6.B.A. in Music Vocals
7.B.A. in Physical Education
BA in Public Relations
9.B.A. in Statistcs
10.BA in Travel and Tourism
11.B.A in Computer Applications
12.B.A in Hotel Management
13.B.A in Fashion Design
14.B.A in Dance
15.B.A in Accountancy









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