IAF Women Pilot – Air force flight officer posts for girls


IAF Women Pilot – Air force flight officer posts for women – Since its inception in 1932,the IAF has allowed only men to pilot its fighter jets and enroll as flying officers,a post that you get after training at NDA and AMA.But in 2017,this changed when on a trial basis the Indian Air force has experimented with the first three female pilots.

Even there are limitations to female entries in other armed forces that offer combat posts,for example in the Indian Army there is no provision for females that want to fight on the front line with arms and ammunition.Luckily this is changing slowly,with the IAF being the first armed force to slowly allow this upto a certain extent.

In the above picture you can see the first flight officers commissioned last year.They are Mohana Singh,Bhawana Kanth and Avani Chaturvedi and if they perform well in the cockpit under pressure then the IAF will allow for more female pilots in the future.


In addition to being a flight officer,there are other ways for women to join up in the Indian Air force.Read more below for the posts available for girls in the Air Force.


1.Flying Officer

Women can join as short service commissioned officer in the flying branch of the Indian Air Force if they appear for the AFCAT examination and pass it.

You can either be commissioned as  a fighter pilot,helicopter pilot or transport pilot.

This AFCAT exam dates are published twice a year in June and December when the exam is held.

This entry is for 14 years only and you need to be a graduate with atleast 60% marks in maths and physics at 10+2 level.4 year degree engineers with 60% marks is also permitted to apply and age should be between 20 and 24 years at time of application.

OR  either have to have passed the section A and B exam from-

Associate Membership of Institute Engineers (India) OR  Aeronautical Society with atleast 60% marks.

Even final year students may apply who do not have a backlog of exams at the time of the AFSB test.



 2.Technical Ground duty women Engineers

 POST-aeronautical engineer electronics
Females who have a valid degree in engineering in the branch of Aeronautical Engineering may join as short service commissioned officers for this post if they are between 20-26 years o age and are unmarried below 25 years.
You can either be from Aeronautical Engineering mechanical or Aeronautical Electronics.

POST – Aeronautical engineering mechanical

Eligible only when a candidate should have minimum of 60% marks each in Physics and Mathematics at 10+2 level and have undergone any one of the following educational qualifications:-

  • A minimum of four year degree graduation / integrated post-graduation qualification in Engineering / Technology from recognized university OR Cleared Section A and B examination of Associate Membership of Institution of Engineers (India) Oor Cleared section A and B examination of Aeronautical Society of India by actual studies

With a minimum of 60% marks or equivalent in the following engineering branches-


  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Aeronautical Engineering
  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering and Automation
  • Mechanical Engineering (Production)
  • Mechanical Engineering (Repair and Maintenance)
  • Mechatronics
  • Industrial Engineering

 3.Administration officer

This post for women is a short service commission basis and you will be in charge of human resources and material resources.You need to be a graduate with a three year bachelors degree.

4.Air traffic Controller –

Women can join up as an air traffic controller which is a ground job  and  your job responsibility will be the efficient control and management of traffic and airspace

5.Flight Controller

Women can also join as flight controllers,whereby their job will be to supervise,coordinate and safely manage the flow of air traffic and serve as a link between the ground and flight via the use of radar technology.

6.Accounts Officer

Women can apply for the post of  an accounts officer which is a purely desk job that requires good auditing and financial management skills.This is excellent for students of commerce stream as a B.Com degree is required to get this post.

7.Logistics Officer

Women in the Air Force can serve as short service commissioned officers in the logistics division of the IAF whereby they will oversee the purchasing and procuring of material goods and services.You need a graduate degree to apply for this post.

8.Education Officer

Women who are post graduate degree holders with a Masters Degree in Arts or Science holding a M.A or M.Sc can apply for this position whereby they will be entrusted with teaching applications to cadets and new recruits.

9. Meteorology Officer

Women officers can opt for this posting of meteorology officer in the IAF and have duties and responsibilities associated with weather management and satellite imagery. It is a highly technical process and only women who have done science with maths and physics at 10+2 level can apply for it.

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