How to get permanent residency for students


How to get permanent residency for students  – A subject of much contention,most of us who study abroad,inadvertently would want to settle there a s well,it’s a thought that’s in our mind throughout,and sometimes is the primary reason for studying there.Some countries allow PR or permanent residency and in order to receive this status you would have to contact the immigration center that handles student pr status.

For countries like USA and UK,im going to have to say that it is EXTREMELY difficult,but other countries like Canada,New Zealand and Australia,the process is much easier for the simple reason that they have very low populated areas,( all below 30 million compared to 350 million of USA) and definitely would like to encourage college educated people to reside there on a permanent basis.After you have completed your course and are coming to the end of  your work visa tenure,which is usually 2 years,you may approach the high commission issuing authority once again and submit and application for PR.It would greatly help if you have secured a good job in those tow years,and if you already have relatives settles there,it would be a  great advantage.

How to get permanent residency for students

There are a few ways of getting pr into a country:

1.Applying for immigration into a general pool of applicants

2.Applying for a business immigration

3.Applying as a student already studying in that country

In our case,we are looking at the third choice.

One BIG advantage that you get if you apply for pr as a student is that you get extra points if you:

a.Already have studied in that country and have received a diploma/degree from that country

b.If you have an offer letter of work from an employer from that country.

Remember that before you take admission into a course in a foreign university,to check the duration of that course.This is for two reasons.Most importantly,the longer the course means the longer you will get a work permit.Usually the work permit period and the study program period are the same.

So it makes sense to go in for a two year program compared to a one year certificate program.

How does this extended work period help you?

For one it gives you extra working hours which translates into more earning capacity,and secondly it gives you lots of time to settle into a good job and ask that employer for a letter of employment.IF you get this letter of employment,you are almost 99 % sure to get the permanent residency.

This is because that offer letter or letter of employment gives you a Big boost in terms of points need to secure your residency.Depending on the country you are looking to settle in,you can hope to get at least 200+ more points,which will almost certainly push you ahead of other immigration applicants waiting in the pool.

SECONDLY, you also receive extra points for studying+extra points for working in that country.

This way you are getting extra points from 3 different areas.


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