JAD full form


Meaning : Joint Application Development

Category : Computers
Sub Category :Application  
Type : Acronym

There are 5 full forms for JAD

1.Joint Application Development

2.Jamaah Ansharut Daulah 

3.Java Application Descriptor

4.Journal of Adhesive Dentistry

5.Journal of Affective Disorders

What is the full form of JAD and meaning ?

The full form of JAD represents 5 separate phrases and these have their roots in computers,technology,medical studies,organizations and others.

1.Joint Application Development – This is a method of pooling in the resources and skills of a group of developers and users all together to achieve the goal of creating a web application by utilizing a joint workforce.

2.Jamaah Ansharut Daulah – Maybe termed as an extremist organization that uses force and religion in order to suppress and make a statement. 

3.Java Application Descriptor – These re used to define JAVA ME applications that are used in the production of online graphics and games.

4.Journal of Adhesive Dentistry – This is a professional journal in which dentists submit theories and observations regarding the trade

5.Journal of Affective Disorders – Mental disorder like bipolar and other psychiatric illnesses experiences and finding are carefully discussed in this journal that is circulated among mental health professionals.

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