JCI full form


Meaning : Joint Commission International

Category : Organization
Sub Category :Healthcare  
Type : Initialism

There are 4 full forms of JCI

1.Joint Commission International

2.Junior Chamber International

3.New Century Air Center

4.Jarvis Collegiate Institute 

What is the full form of JCI and meaning ?

The full form of JCI has various meanings ranging from healthcare,aviation,education and much more.

1.Joint Commission International – this is an organization that acts as an aggregator,compiler and reviewer for registered healthcare agencies and rates them on a standard scale.

2.Junior Chamber International – This is an organization that aims to bring together young professionals and business enthusiasts with the hope that they might share and support each other mutually.

3.New Century Air Center – This aircenter is a privately owned aviation enthusiasts air club and air strip.Amateur pilots and trainees use this for recreation and practice.

4.Jarvis Collegiate Institute – This is a school that is located in the large city of Toronto in Canada

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