JD full form


Meaning : Julian Date/Day

Category : Calendar
Sub Category :Roman  
Type : Initialism

There are 13 full forms of JD

1.Julian Date/Day

2.Juris Doctor 

3.John Deere

4.Job Description


6.Jack Danie’s

7.Java Decompiler

8.Jordanian Dinar

9.Juvenile Delinquency


11.Jade dynasty

12.Just dance

13.Janta dal

What is the full form of JD and meaning ?

The full form of JD has a massive number of meanings – a total of 13 such exist.They all vary in terms of where they originate and what they represent like business,computers,legal system,education and more.

1.Julian Date/Day – This is different from the Julian calendar invented by Julius Caesar.In numerical terms the Julian day is January 1st 4713 B.C

2.Juris Doctor – This is a doctorate degree that is conferred on a person practicing law who wishes to study the theoretical aspects of law as well.

3.John Deere – This company is based in the state of Illinois and has been in the business of manufacturing framing equipment like harvesters etc.

4.Job Description – This is a set of tasks and duties that is delegated to rostered employees of a company

5.Jingdong – This is a Chinese website much like Alibaba.com that connects manufacturers with consumers in order to retail products

6.Jack Daniel’s – One of the msot famous whiskey brands in the world that has its origins in Tennessee USA

7.Java Decompiler – This is a programming tool that is used when java code is being written.

8.Jordanian Dinar – the international currency code is JOD but is mostly known as JD and is the official monetary currency for the country of Jordan.

9.Juvenile Delinquency – Whenever a minor commits a crime- either petty or serious,it is formally indicted as a a juvenile delinquency.

10.Justdial – India’s largest yellow pages that went online and lists thousands of businesses on their web portal.

11.Jade dynasty – This is a movie as well as a computer game that deals with the genre fantasy action adventure in the Magical Asian Kingdom.

12.Just dance – This is a game that can be hooked directly to the TV and lets users get together and dance to the latest chart topping tracks.

13.Janta dal – This was a political party that had great significance on the Indian Political scene back in the 90s.

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