JDC full form


Meaning : Japanese Digital Cellular

Category : Corporate
Sub Category :Technology  
Type : Initialism

There are 3 fullforms of JDC 

1.Japanese Digital Cellular

2.Jewish Joint Distribution Committee 

3.Juvenile Detention Center

What is the full form of JDC and meaning ?

The full form of JDC has 3 meanings ranging from the mobile industry,judicial system and welfare organizations.

1.Japanese Digital Cellular – This is a technology standard that is native to Japan and is used in the Telecom industry to specify a frequency band on the spectrum through which mobile communication is permitted.

2.Jewish Joint Distribution Committee – This is a humanitarian and social welfare organization that aims to help other Jewish people to support them monetarily especially in New York USA.

3.Juvenile Detention Center – These are centers that minors are kept in while undergoing a judicial trial and awaiting a sentence.From here they will be then transferred to a correctional facility.

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