JDI full form


Meaning : Just Do It

Category : Sports
Sub Category :Marketing  
Type : Initialism

There are 5 full forms of JDI

1.Just Do It

2.Japan Display Inc

3.Java Debug Interface

4.Job’s Daughters International

5.Just Detention International

What is the full form of JDI and meaning ?

The full form of JDI might be the best known for the advertising commercial for a shoe brand but it is also for computers, technology, organizations and more.

1.Just Do It – This is the motto for one of the biggest shoe manufacturers in the world – NIKE

2.Japan Display Inc – This is a tripartite venture between some of the biggest Japanese technology brands in order to create solutions for LCD televisions.

3.Java Debug Interface – this is an important piece of software that is used by Java programmers in order to debug a piece of code that is written.

4.Job’s Daughters International – This is a non profit organization that helps get together young women from all over the world in order to help them strive for better lives,empowerment and morals.

5.Just Detention International – this is a humanitarian organization that seeks to end sexual abuse that happens at all types of facilities that are used to detain people like prison and correctional homes.

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