JFC full form


Meaning : Allied Joint Force Command 

Category : Military
Sub Category :NATO
Type : Initialism

There are 10 full forms of JFC

1.Allied Joint Force Command 

2.Jeffries Fan Club –

3.JFC International 

4.Jean-François Copé

5.Juventus Football Club

6.James Fenimore Cooper 

7.Java Foundation Classes

8.Jollibee Foods Corporation

9.Jupiter-Family Comet 

10.John from Cincinnati 

What is the full form of JFC and meaning ?

The full form of JFC has an astonishing 10 different meanings ranging from sports,armed forces,business,entertainment and more.

1.Allied Joint Force Command – The AJFC was a military command post that was part of the NATO operations and was based in Italy

2.Jeffries Fan Club – This was an American new age pop punk band that was short lived and was signed onto a record label for about 5 years before they split up.

3.JFC International – This company distributes all types of food products that are used in oriental cuisine.

4.Jean-François Copé – He is a french political figure,mayor and also held a post of the national minister for budget control

5.Juventus Football Club – This is probably the best known football club to play in the Italian league known as serie A.They made many appearances at the champions trophy also.

6.James Fenimore Cooper – One of the more prominent novelists that wrote works of fiction.

7.Java Foundation Classes – These are an array of tools that 

8.Jollibee Foods Corporation – Jollibee food is a major distributor and producer of food items based in Philippines.

9.Jupiter-Family Comet – This is a class of comet that visits our solar systems and passes by once every 20 years.

10.John from Cincinnati – This was a daytime television series that ran for a short period on network television in the US and had a limited fan following before being cancelled.

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