JITO full form


Meaning : Just-in-Time Oscillator

Category : Electronics
Sub Category :Oscillator  
Type : Initialism

There are 3 full forms of JITO

1.Just-in-Time Oscillator

2.Jain international trade organization

3.Joinery industry training organization

What is the full form of JITO and meaning ?

The full form of JITO can be summarized as three separate phrases each of them representing a different industry like electronics,business and education.

1.Just-in-Time Oscillator – This is one of the components that are used in micro electronics and has great significance when coupled with other electronic components and set on a PCB board when aiding a crystal oscillator.

2.Jain international trade organization – This trade organization is formed by leading industrialists and business of the Jain community in India.

3.Joinery industry training organization – this is an organization that was creating to give people a chance to get trained in areas of hobbies that include pantry design, glass design etc

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