JMS full form


Meaning : Java Message Service

Category : Computers
Sub Category :Programs & Software  
Type : Initialism

There are 8 full forms of JMS

The full form of JMS has 8 different and very distinct representations spanning different areas of the industry like information technology,education,science and others.

1.Java Message Service

2.Journal of Mass Spectrometry

3.Journal of Management Studies

4.Joseph Michael Straczynski 

5.Journal of Materials Science 

6.John Maynard Smith

7.Johannesburg Muslim School 

8.John Mason School

What is the full form of JMS and meaning ?

1.Java Message Service – This is an interface that is created specially so that inter messaging between more than one client is permitted in the running environment.

2.Journal of Mass Spectrometry – This advanced scientific study is undertaken by Phd students and scholars in the subject and reviewed in this journal.

3.Journal of Management Studies – Business school aspirants and graduate students often take to this medium to publish articles on management,finance and business.

4.Joseph Michael Straczynski – A well known figure in Hollywood,JMS is a multifaceted personality from writing comic books to produce feature films he has done it all.

5.Journal of Materials Science – This topic that balances on Geology, Phyiscs, Chemistry and other branches of science has documented notes,theories,reviews and findings that are published in the Journal of materials science.

6.John Maynard Smith – A well known scientist and theorist that advocated natural selection,genetics,evolution and other topics of great interest.

7.Johannesburg Muslim School – The JMS is a school especially meant for Islamic children and they teach a variety of subjects like theology of the Koran among other things.

8.John Mason School – This is an old school that has been around for more than 5 decades and teaches secondary education to children in the UK.

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