Jr. full form


Meaning : Junior

Category : Designation
Sub Category :Family
Type : Abbreviation

There are 5 full forms of Jr.


2.Japan Railways

3.Joy air – 

4.James Ross

5.Aero california

What is the full form of Jr and meaning ?

The full form of Jr. has 4 different meanings spanning industry, politics,air travel and more.

1.Junior – Written as jr. This is a title given to the son of a person who has the same name – like Louis grosett jr. the father and son have the same first and last name,however the son has a “jr.” after the surname indicating hes the son.

2.Japan Railways – JR is the short form for Japans biggest rail network that runs across the nation spanning thousands of miles and employing many private contractors and operators to maintain their vast fleet.

3.Joy air – This is small to medium airline that is based in the city of X’ian in China and has the IATA airport code ofJR

4.James Ross – One of the biggest names in the professional wrestling circuit,James Ross is now a full time commentator for some of the biggest competitions in the sport.

5.Aero california – This is a privately held airline that is based in the south of California in USA and has small,lightweight aircraft also.

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