JRS full form


Meaning : Jesuit Refugee Service

Category : Humanitarian
Sub Category :Services
Type : Initialism

There are 4 full forms of JRS

1.Jesuit Refugee Service

2.Atarot Airport

3.Judges Retirement System

4.John Ruskin School

What is the full form of JRS and meaning ?

The full form of JRS has more than 4 connotations and these are far fetched and diverse.From below we can see that they maybe used for the airline industry,the judicial system and others. 

1.Jesuit Refugee Service – The Jesuits are a sect of Catholic priests and they formed this organization to help refugees that have fled from their homes and to provide them with relied and aid.

2.Atarot Airport – One of the most famous airports in the city of Jerusalem in Israel that has the IATA airport code of JRS

3.Judges Retirement System -This system initiated by the government provides benefits, pensions,retirement plans and other privileges to judges after they retire.

4.John Ruskin School – This is a prominent and distinguished school that imparts top class education in the UK.

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