JSP full form


Meaning : JavaServer Pages

Category : Internet
Sub Category :Development  
Type : Initialism

There are 6 full forms of JSP

1.JavaServer Pages

2.Jana Sena Party

3.Japan Socialist Party

4.Jack Straw Productions 

5.Jeju Airport

6.Jackson Structured Programming 

What is the full form of JSP and meaning ?

The full form of  JSP  has 6 different and very distinct meanings all ranging from computers,politics,aviation and other fields of industry.

1.JavaServer Pages – This is a technology that is used by web developers in order to actively showcase complex web layouts on a single web page.

2.Jana Sena Party – This is a political party formed in the south state of Andhra pradesh and literally translates to peoples army.

3.Japan Socialist Party – This now defunct political party was actively involved in the history of post World war 2 Japanese political scene for more than five decades.

4.Jack Straw Productions – This is not only a recording studio for audio productions in Seattle Washington USA,but also holds training sessions for young people interested in audio production.

5.Jeju Airport -One of the main airports in South Korea that uses the IATA symbol JSP

6.Jackson Structured Programming – This is a method of structured programming  for both programs and data

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