JSW full form


Meaning : Jindal South West

Category : Corporation
Sub Category :Steel  
Type : Initialism

There are 7 full forms for JSW

1.Jindal South West

2.Japan Steel Works

3.Jastrz?bska Spó?ka W?glowa

4.Jet Set Willy

5.Journal of Social Work

6.Journal of the Southwest

7.Japanese School in Vienna

What is the full form of JSW and meaning ?

The full form of  JSW has seven different meanings and these are all very varied both in their representation and what they stand for.They range from industries like business,manufacturing,education and scientific publications.

1.Jindal South West – The Jindal group is one of the biggest steel manufacturers in India and this business group was earlier called Jindal south west.

2.Japan Steel Works – One of the major producers of steel in Japan is also known as JSW.

3.Jastrz?bska Spó?ka W?glowa – This is an energy company based in Poland that excavates and conducts boring and drilling operations in coal mines.

4.Jet Set Willy – One of the famous action adventure games of the early 1980s that was played on the home computer

5.Journal of Social Work – This is a journal that people in the industry document their research and observations in which is then shared with the community.

6.Journal of the Southwest – This is a journal or private publication that is documented by the University of Arizona in USA.

7.Japanese School in Vienna – An international school that primarily caters to students of Japanese origin in Austria.

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